The message from Jesus on insights into His crucifixion will not be defended

Based on the number of people who are currently  “demanding” an explanation from Maria regarding the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, in which He revealed insights of this terrible tragedy to Maria, it is not possible to respond to any such emails.  Many of the emails according to Maria accuse her of blasphemy.

If people do not accept the messages that is their own concern.   Maria is forbidden to defend any aspect of the messages.

She says “the anger from people emailing me every few minutes  is palpable in that they do not accept what Jesus gives me in  his messages as being true.

“I am not allowed defend Jesus just as He, Himself, did not defend Himself during any persecution especially during His crucifixion.

Why  people feel that by insulting me and casting slurs on the messages that I can help them is beyond me.  No one is being forced to believe or accept these messages because of the free will given to them by God.  If they dont believe all they have to do is walk away.”

No such emails will be answered as from today.

Admin Team