Crusade Prayer (124) Hear my plea for freedom

I ask you to look to My Holy Bible, the Gospels, and seek out the signs you were given about the great apostasy foretold, for it has engulfed the world and spreads like a deadly virus into every conceivable part of your society. You have been infested and now I Come, Your Father, to cleanse you of this terrible affliction. You must beg Me for help, before it is too late for you.

You must now recite this Crusade Prayer. Ask Me for help.

O God, my Merciful Father, Creator of all that is, hear my plea for freedom.

Release me from the chains of slavery and protect me from evil persecution. 

Help me to discern the Truth and come to my aid, even if I am confused and may doubt Your Word. 

Forgive me if I offend You and take me into the refuge of Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen.

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