Seal of the Living God Testimonies

seal smallI received this by email sharing this persons testimony of protection during a typhoon

Last November 2013 when super typhoon Haiyan (international name) or super typhoon Yolanda my home town in the Philippines was directly hit, big time. Hundreds of thousands of houses were totally blown away, roofless etc. with 195 miles per hour sustained winds and up to 235 mph gusts winds. But our house back home was spared and also my sister and brother’s house were spared, because of prayers and of course because of Blessed Seal of The Living God, which were distributed by our brothers and sisters of JTM cebu chaper in Philippines. Who conducted a mission in our place, giving lectures about God’s messages to MDM and other Catholic Dogmas/ topics like Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Confessions etc. I only go home like once a year for vacation. It was weeks before I was able to contact them because of telecommunication problems done by the typhoon. When I talked to my sister she was the one who told me, “The Seal was very powerful and God save the houses to those who received the Seal.”
She said, they noticed that everyone those who received the Seal, their House was spared and only minimal damage compare to others. People who passed by our house walking (since debris were everywhere roads were not passable by car), were saying “look their houses seem like they had no typhoon”. But then everywhere, the surrounding trees/plants even low laying grass were down like nothing left standing. One great miracle was my sister’s house. The coconut trees around her house it all fell down away from her house like on opposite direction from the wind. I always tell these when I share The Seal of the Living God to others. Indeed Praise be to God!
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