Daily Crusade Prayer Group Video Playlist

seal smallPray a select sample of prayers each day  with the help of a video playlist! They include prayers which are prayed every day and additional set of prayers.

Each day has its own theme. By using this method, all crusades and litanies are said at least once per week.

The Litanies & Crusade prayers  should take only 25 minutes; the Holy Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet approx. 50 minutes but take your time.

You can pause the video and come back to them.

Click on the link to be directed to that days selection of prayers

  Collection of prayers for Sunday  Theme: for our clergy and our Church

Collection of prayers for Monday    Theme: Prayers to our Heavenly Father

Collection of prayers for Tuesday  Theme: Prayers to the Holy Spirit

Collection of prayers for Wednesday  Theme: Mother Mary’s Intercession

Collection of prayers for Thursday Theme: Trust in His Mercy

Collection of prayers for Friday  Theme: Unite our suffering to the suffering of Jesus on the Cross

Collection of prayers for Saturday Theme: Prayers to God the Father

You can find more information about the prayers at this link  http://crusadeprayergroup.org/index.html