Mother of Salvation Rosary now available

21731698_10203768849739309_1368853709580470550_oA limited quantity of very special ‘Mother of Salvation’ Rosaries have been produced for the Jesus to Mankind Mission. While we anticipate more being available in the future, we are not sure what the timing will be. For now, there will be just 384 available for JTM members .

rosaryMOSDESCRIPTION: These are corded Rosaries with wooden Hail Mary beads, a St. Benedict Crucifix, and St. Benedict medals for the Our Father. The Rosary Center is the Medal of Salvation. Mos image
As the Most Holy Rosary is among the most Powerful weapons God has given to the Faithful, especially for the end times, it is a great a blessing to be able to offer this ‘Mother of Salvation’ rosary with the Medal of Salvation as the center. 

If you wish to pre-order this limited, special rosary, they can be pre-ordered through Gianna Rae on Facebook and prepaid with check or money order.

Again, we are planning to secure more of these very special rosaries but the timing of their availability is uncertain at this time. Included will be one Seal of the Living God card with each rosary purchased

Cost: The price of each Rosary is $19.95 USD and shipping within the Continental US ranges from 2.61 (one Rosary, First Class Mail) to 2.77 (5 Rosaries, First Class Mail).
As an option they can be shipped via Priority Mail for $5.95 (1-5 Rosaries) for expedited delivery.

TIMING: We expect to be able to fulfill pre-orders by Mid-October or possibly sooner.

Updates will be made available on this site going forward.

This would also make a nice gift with a Crusade prayer book 

If you are interested in purchasing a rosary and are not on Facebook please contact the website through the contact form below