Seal Of the Living God Testimony

SealThis testimony was shared at the Book of Truth Seminar held in New Jersey March 23, 2019.

On September 24 2018 I was awaken by severe abdominal pain i tried to get out of bed but I had no use of my legs I fell at the foot of my bed. My dog found me semi conscious. My wife saw me she said I was gray in color she called for an ambulance immediately as she is a nurse. I had very little control over any movement I thought I had a stroke.
The EMT’S arrived I saw my vitals were not normal I had very low blood pressure not low pulse quickly they took me out of the house into an ambulance to take me to St. Peter’s hospital, while in route to the hospital they were applying sensors on my chest and blood pressure. I was conscious the whole time I saw the concern look on the face of the EMT. When arrived at St. Peter’s hospital I was met by Team of doctors and residents. EMT said my vitals were seriously low and quickly I received an IV.
I was hooked up to heart monitor my pulse was 50 my blood pressure was 45/55.
The doctor ordered full blood work immediately my respiration was also not good my oxygen levels were seriously low. The doctor asked my wife if I was suffering from the flu I was fighting what I thought was a bad cold. Unfortunately it wasn’t a cold but pneumonia with sepsis infection that was shutting down my organs. Further blood analysis came back I was in septic shock at level 4 and 5 my wife looked very upset and I was at a state of peace for some reason I wasn’t afraid or concerned. The doctor ordered very strong antibiotics.
Again this is on Sunday early morning, I had double pneumonia and septic. The doctor placed me in ICU. Later that night cardiologist advised me I need a stent put in my neck so they can give me medication to raise my blood pressure however it was vital they do it immediately at 12 AM Monday morning the doctor inserted a catheter in my neck and immediately applied the medication.
No sooner than 5 mins my hemoglobin was low at 8 now I need a blood transfusion after one transfusion I need another while this was taking place I was concerned that my seal of the living God still remained around my neck and it was.
They were removing my cross and my rings I asked not to remove my seal of the living God scapular and they respected my wishes.
Tuesday morning doctor advised me one and three patients survive sepsis infection.
I was one of the lucky ones as my wife is my witness I said doctor the scapular around my neck saved my life.
This is my testimony that the seal of the living God does give miracles as I am a recipient of a miracle.
Thank you to PR for sharing this wonderful testimony.