Prayer of protection

This prayer was lovingly given to mankind by God the Father for our protection. Place it in your homes and on your person. There are many testimonies that the Seal of the Living God saved their life and the lives of their families.
Please add this prayer to your daily prayers

You can have these printed off at a local print shop and have them laminated or have it framed and hang it in a place of honor in your home.

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You can download from this site that has more styles of seals and other materials to distribute. 

It is free of copyright and cannot be sold in any way.

Nor can the Seal of the Living God be sold.

They must be made available free of charge.

You can order Medal of Salvation, Seal of the Living God Scapular, Book of Truth, Crusade of Prayer Books, and Seal of the Living God Crucifix from 

God bless you and your family