Medal of Salvation and Rosary

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medal of salvation

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Important messages regarding the Medal of Salvation.

My child, I wish it to be made known that, from now on, I am to be addressed by the last title, given to me by my Son, on Earth. In this, the Final Mission, I am to be referred to, at all times, as the Mother of Salvation.

My Image is to be created and a Medal struck where, on one side, I am to be placed with the sun behind my head and where twelve stars woven into a crown of thorns sits on my head. On the reverse side of the Medal, I wish to depict the Sacred Heart of my Son with the Two Swords of Salvation, which are to be crossed on each side.

The Medal of Salvation will convert billions of souls and, therefore, every effort will be made by the evil one to stop it. You will see through such attacks the sheer venom which will pour from the evil one and every agent of his, for he does not want this Medal to be given to God’s children.

May God bless you and your family