Week 4 Novena of Salvation

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Global Novena of Salvation May 24, is the start of Week 4 of our Global Novena of Salvation Initiative for this month of May!

During the entire week of May 24-30, everyone in the Jesus to Mankind Mission in the United States, Colombia, Canada, Germany, Slovak, Czechia, Poland, Croatia and Denmark are invited to commit to this novena for 7 days.

You are all invited to join the rest of the Jesus to Mankind Family in reciting this Novena via Zoom for the next 7 days. The prayer session will last no more than 15 minutes.

Below is the schedule, as well as the links to register:

6 a.m. Bogota time, Columbia

10 a.m. Eastern time, Canada

11 a.m. Eastern time, USA

No registration is required for the Colombia, United States, and Canada prayer sessions.

Just click on this link to join: http://bit.ly/novena-of-salvation

Our Mother of Salvation, pray for us!

Please register on this site to be updated on upcoming seminars https://jtmglobal.network/