Jesus to Mankind Global Crusade of Prayer Session Theme: “For the Catholic Church to Remain in the Truth of Jesus Christ.”

Peace be with you.

You are invited to the Jesus to Mankind Global Crusade of Prayer Session on October 2, 2021 Saturday at 9:00pm Singapore (GMT+8) / 9:00am EST

Our theme for this weekend is:
“For the Catholic Church to Remain in the Truth of Jesus Christ.”

The last few years have seen the Catholic Church akin to a ship being violently tossed around in rough seas. The rise of modernism and relativism in the last century pounded and tossed the church around but never came close to sinking it.

This time is different. The Church is being inundated by huge waves and taking in too much water.

We now see compromises to Church teaching in various aspects of Christian life. Communion for divorce and remarried…a push for same-sex marriage…a seemingly new paganism called ecological spirituality…the closure of churches, depriving the faithful of the Sacraments, especially the Most Holy Eucharist our food for eternal life.

These changes remind us of what our Catechism teaches us about the Church’s Ultimate Trial. (CCC675)

As members of the Mystical Body of Christ, we must come together and pray much for our beloved Catholic Church for it is the Church established by Jesus Christ.

During this Global Crusade Prayer meeting, Jesus explains what we must do to help His Church navigate through the stormy seas of the impending Great Apostasy.

This Global Prayer Meeting will be in English. Live Translators will be available in: German, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Ukrainian(Russian), Korean, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Bahasa(Indonesia), and Slovak/Czech.

We will pray the Holy Rosary, the Crusade Prayers, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for our beloved Catholic Church and for the conversion of sinners.

Let us unite our hearts as one Jesus to Mankind Global Family, and together with our Mother of Salvation offer prayers for the Catholic Church to remain in the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, have Mercy on us and on the whole world.

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