Prayer Chain of Protection

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
together with you, we would like to comply with the Lord’s wish and join together in prayer to form a Prayer Chain of Protection . For this purpose, we invite you and your prayer groups every 13th of the month on Fatima Day to join us in fasting on this day (if possible) and praying at 7 p.m. via Zoom. (1am Singapur Time)

Every country that would like to pray with Europe please join with following link:

This will be every 13th of the month.

As a reminder, the words of the Lord from the message:

Wicked group perpetrating biggest lie in order to seize control of countries

Thursday, February 16th, 2012 @ 20:00 My dearly beloved daughter, you must tell My children, all those followers of Mine, to link and form a chain of protection in prayer…

Their plan is unveiling before your eyes. Can’t you see?…
…You, children, can stop this evolving through your prayers.
Already My Father is placing obstacles in their way.
My followers span many countries. Now you must join together, in prayer, to stop European leaders, some of whom are intrinsic in bringing about terrible hardship on innocent people, in their wicked ways…
…My daughter, the chain of prayer will spread out far and wide and the Power of the Holy Spirit will help stop those people, who have the power to stop suffering and halt them in their actions…

Your beloved Jesus🙏

We look forward to pray with you for the Prayer Chain of Protection for Europe.

JTM- Europe