November 2nd, JTM USA Book of Truth Seminar: Remain True to My Holy Word

Nov 2, 2021 09:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

I love you all. I will never desert you. I draw you to Me and urge you to recite My Crusade Prayers to receive the Blessings which are necessary for this journey ahead of you. The Holy Spirit rests upon you and you will be filled with every Gift possible to sustain your devotion to Me.
Call on Me always to help you, to give you courage, strength and the ability to treat your enemies with the love and compassion that is needed if you are to become a true disciple of Mine. By loving My enemies does not mean, however, that you accept heresy. I also ask that you refuse to engage in any kind of hatred in My Holy Name.
Proclaim My Word. There is no need to defend it.
Your beloved Jesus Christ