The Medal of Salvation a Gift of Conversion for the Whole World

In these End times in this period of Great Tribulation in the world leading up to the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Love and Mercy of God, the world has been given a powerful Medal that comes with great Gifts of conversion, salvation, and protection.
The Medal of Salvation, more powerful than any gift from heaven that has come before it, has been given through the Virgin Mary the Mother of Salvation in the Book of Truth.

The Mother of Salvation says in a message dated June 4th 2014: “The Medal of Salvation…is an exceptional Gift from Heaven given to the world because of the great Love my Son has for all God’s children. Through the powers given to me, by the command of my Eternal Father, this Medal will be responsible for the salvation of billions of souls. This is made possible because once a soul accepts this Medal with an open heart it will result in conversion.”

Please join us for this Global Seminar where we will learn about the importance of the Medal of Salvation and how it is a gift of conversion and protection for the whole world.

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This Global Seminar will be in English, but it will have live translations in other languages: Chinese – German – French – Ukraine – Portuguese – Spanish – Korean – Polish – Hungarian – Cantonese – Albanian – Romanian
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Jan 15, 2022 09:00 PM in Hong Kong SAR 8:00 AM New York Time

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