Global Crusade Prayer Hour For Peace (with Live Translation)

You are all invited to attend the Jesus to Mankind Global Crusade Prayer Hour For Peace on February 19th , 2022 Saturday at 9:00 pm Singapore Time (GMT+8) 8:00 AM New York

The World Situation seems to become more intense day by day. Wars and rumours of wars can be seen. But there is hope in Our Lord Jesus Christ and in the intercession of Our Lady, Mother of Salvation.
Let us join together for this Crusade Prayer hour for Peace and storm Heaven with our pleas for help. Let us ask God the Father for his Gift of Peace and Mercy.

In this crusade Prayer hour session, we will pray for peace in the world, especially for Russia and Ukraine. We will plead to God to mitigate World War III, to stop the spread of war and to avert any kind of nuclear war.

In this message from February 6th 2012 our Lord tells us:

My dearly beloved daughter, My followers must unite together as one family, and stay strong. I afford all My beloved and trusting followers the Graces to keep calm amidst the storm.

While the Earth continues to shake in every way your prayers are comforting to Me during this time.

The Seals have been broken, My daughter, and wars will emerge quickly. Pray that the global atrocity of a nuclear war, which would wipe out one third of humanity, can be averted.

I need more prayer, children. I realise how hard you pray, but please, I implore you, invite as many Prayer Groups, friends and families to pray for peace…“

This Global Crusade Prayer Hour will be in English. Live Translators will be available in: German, French, Spanish, Portugese, Russian/Ukrainian, Korean. Chinese, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, Vietnamese and Cantonese.

We will pray the Holy Rosary, the Crusade Prayers, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for World Peace. On August 24th 2014 Our Mother of Salvation said:
My dear children, I urge you to pray for peace in the world, for very soon many countries will be involved in wars, which will be difficult to contain and many innocent lives will be destroyed…Peace be you”

Feb 19, 2022 09:00 PM in Hong Kong SAR

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