Rosary Prayer Vigil for Peace

Ave Maria!

Dear Crusade Prayer warriors,

Peace be with you!

You are invited to this special Rosary Prayer Vigil for Peace on 26th of February 2022 at 9 pm Singapore time, 1 pm London time, 8 am New York time.

In a message given by Our Mother of Salvation on February 23, 2012, she revealed to us us that there are plans for a nuclear war. But this can be averted, and we need to use a special weapon to defeat this plans.

Our Mother of Salvation says:

My Holy Rosary can, when recited by saying all the mysteries in one prayer, prevent war children. Unite now for one day and recite my Holy Rosary to stop this nuclear war which is now being planned.”

Let us hear our mothers call and unite for this very special prayer Vigil for Peace on February 26th.

This call for prayer is very important as our Mother of Salvation informs us:

This war is very close and you must pray hard to stop it because it will kill millions of God’s children.“

We will unite and pray all FOUR mysteries of the Holy Rosary.
Each mystery will be prayed in a different language. There will be NO live translators in this prayer program, however, each mystery will be prayed in a different language.

Jesus to Mankind Global Feb 26, 2022 09:00 PM in Hong Kong SAR 8 AM New York

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