JTM UK & Ireland Crusade of Prayer; For Strength, Peace and Unity 

Dear UK & Ireland Prayer Warriors
In a Book of Truth Message dated August 27th 2013, Lord Jesus says:
“My dearly beloved daughter, the world is about to endure terrible wars and hatred will spread and infect many nations. Unrest and division will be present in most countries and people will know then that times have changed beyond belief.
A deep unsettling anxiety will be felt and people will find it difficult to know whom to trust. This is how Satan infests God’s children, as he pits one against the other. 

Only those who believe in the True God will find comfort, for they will know that their faith and love for Me will keep them strong.

You must pray hard, so that the deceit that has fallen, which is the cause of many wars, will be exposed for what it is – an attempt to cause deep division and hatred in order to control.”

Please join us as we unite in prayer across the UK & Ireland, for Strength Peace and Unity.

It is recommended, as instructed by Jesus in the Book of Truth (Message given January 25th 2013, and the Crusade Prayer Guidelines) during the Crusade Prayer meeting please have if possible a blessed candle, Holy Water close by and a Crucifix of Jesus present.

Thank you for joining us in prayer.

March 27,2022 8:00 pm London

Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUKIrelandMar27