Day 2 Lenten Retreat

The Online Retreat will help prepare all of us spiritually for the Holiest Week of the Year: the Holy Week, which will commence on Palm Sunday (April 10). The theme for the Online Retreat is “Contemplation, Conversion and Commitment”.  

Day 2 of the Retreat will focus on “Conversion”. On Day 2, we will plead with Our Lord to give us the gift of a perfect examination of conscience, so that we will have full knowledge of all our sins and weaknesses. We will examine our own conscience, by listening to and reflecting on various passages from the Book of Truth. We will end Day 2 of the retreat by renewing our “Commitment” to the Mission.

In this Online Retreat, Our Lord Jesus Christ, our Retreat Master, will talk to us, mould us, form us, and help prepare us for the celebration of His Passion, Death and Resurrection. This Online Retreat will be our quiet moment of meditation, contemplation and reflection, together with Our Lord Jesus Christ. In this Retreat, Jesus will help us contemplate His Passion, Death and Resurrection. He will awaken our consciences, and help us have a powerful conversion experience by helping open our eyes to our own sinfulness and weaknesses. Finally, He will heal us, comfort us, sooth us, and strengthen us, in preparation for a renewal of our personal commitment to this Mission.

This video is from the recorded retreat on April 9, 2022

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