JTM UK & Ireland May 1 Book of Truth seminar

May 1, 2022 08:00 PM London Dear UK & Ireland Prayer Warriors
In a Book of Truth Message dated February 5th 2012, the Mother of Salvation says:
“…I am your Immaculate Heart and through the love I have for my precious Son, Jesus Christ, will work with Him closely to save humanity.
By praying for me to intercede, I will beg my Father, God the Most High, to keep His Hand of Justice from the severe punishment He will pour down on the Earth, to stop wickedness from spreading.
I will help you, children, to become closer to my Son’s Heart. When we work together, my children, we can avert disasters worldwide.
Never forget the importance of my Most Holy Rosary, because when you say it every day, you can help save your nation. 
Satan’s power is weakened when you say my Rosary…”

Please join us as we begin the month of May by learning about the importance of praying the Holy Rosary for salvation and protection during these end times, through the messages given by the Mother of Salvation in the Book of Truth.

This Zoom Seminar will be held at 8pm London Time.

Please join us and register now. https://bit.ly/JTMUKandIrelandMay1