The Third Secret of Fatima Seminar

You are invited to attend a very important webinar entitled “The Third Secret of Fatima” on May 14, Saturday, 9-10pm Singapore time. 9 am New York time

This one-hour seminar will be in English. 

What is the Third Secret of Fatima, and why was it kept secret for so long by the Vatican? 

Was the official text revealed by the Vatican on the Third Secret of Fatima on June 26, 2000 the complete text of the Third Secret?

In the Book of Truth, the Holy Trinity has finally revealed the true contents of the Third Secret of Fatima. In this seminar, we will learn the true contents of the Third Secret.  This is a truly important seminar, because as you will find out through this seminar, we are living in the times of the third secret of Fatima. 

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