Jesus to Mankind Philippines National Crusade of Prayer Session Theme: Renewing our Spirit with the Holy Word of God

Peace be with you!

You are invited to the Jesus to Mankind Philippines National Crusade of Prayer Session on Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 7:30 PM Philippines/Singapore Time.

Our theme is “Renewing our Spirit with the Holy Word of God.”

As God’s Remnant Army working side by side with Him in the salvation of souls, we sometimes come to a point where we fall. In a message on June 18, 2014, our beloved Mother of Salvation said, “For every step you take to come closer to my Precious Son, you will take two steps backwards, because of the way in which the evil one will taunt you. He will never cease to try and pull you away from Christ, for he has made it his vile mission to pull you in the opposite direction.”

Our Lord Jesus also gave a similar message on September 3, 2011. In both messages, they urged us to simply stand up and begin all over again.

We came to this mission a few years ago, by reading God’s Holy Word in the Book of Truth. Let us now, for love of Him and this mission, try to revisit His Holy Word once more and start anew.

In this session, let us ask for the grace of a fresh start once again, of being able to reread the Book of Truth, that our spirit may be renewed with the strength and vigor needed to help God finalize His plans of salvation for all His children.

We also continue to pray for the protection of our country against all harm and evil, including our political and religious leaders.

This Prayer Meeting will be in English. In addition, Tagalog and Cebuano will be available in live translations.

Gathered as one Jesus to Mankind Philippines, let us all offer our prayers and sufferings, together with our beloved Mother of Salvation, to help us renew our spirit with His Holy Word in the Book of Truth.

Praised be Jesus and Mary!