20 Minute Global Crusade of Prayer For the Salvation of Souls

Peace Be With You!

You are all invited to attend the Jesus to Mankind 20 MINUTE GLOBAL Crusade of Prayer for Salvation of Souls with Live Translations on Saturday August 13th 2022 9:00pm Singapore (GMT+8), 2:00 pm London Time (GMT), 9:00 am New York Time (GMT -4). https://bit.ly/JTMGlobal13August2022

This 20 Minute Crusade Prayer session is our opportunity to gather in prayer and plead with God the Father for the Salvation of Souls.
The Book of Truth is for everyone, all people, all creeds, all nationalities, all races throughout the world. The messages and prayers are for those who believe and for those who do not. No person is exempt from God’s Love, Mercy and Salvation

Live Translators will be available in: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Croatian, Romanian, Dutch, Indonesian and Albanian. Even if your language is not present, prayer programs will be shared so you can come and join us in prayer by reading the prepared material.

We will also ask for the graces to help us live our lives according to God’s Holy Will, to reject sin and to always be in a state of grace through the Love and Mercy of God.

This 20 Minute Crusade Prayer session will be in English.

We will pray selected Crusade Prayers for the Salvation of Souls, as the Lord Jesus says that at His Second Coming, it is His wish to bring over 7 billion of God’s children home to their Eternal Life in the New Paradise.

So let us unite our hearts as one Jesus to Mankind Global Family to offer prayers and sacrifices for the Salvation of all God’s children, especially those people whom we love.

Jesus, we trust in You!

JTM Global