Global Crusade of Prayer session

Ave Maria! Dear Crusade prayer warrior,

You are invited to attend the Jesus to Mankind Global Crusade of Prayer Session on October 1st, 2022 Saturday at 9:00 pm Singapore Time (GMT+7), 2:00 pm London Time (GMT), 9:00 am New York Time (GMT -5).

Theme for this entire month is THE REMNANT ARMY OF CHRIST WILL TRIUMPH

You must not allow fear and worry to distract you from the role, which my Son has carved out for you. The remnant army of Christ will triumph and bring, in its trail, billions of souls, which it will present before the Throne of God.
What a blessing you have been given. Those amongst you, who will lead and help my Son’s Crusade Prayers Groups, are saving billions of souls. These prayers are like no other, as they have been given to humanity as a Gift, with special Graces attached to them. (Mother of Salvation, January 31, 2013)

It will only be the brave and courageous amongst you, who love Me the most, who will lead My army towards salvation. They will bring with them billions of souls, under My Guidance, to safety. This is why you must never give up. (Jesus, February 28, 2013)

This Global Crusade Prayer Hour will be in English. Live Translators will be available in: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian/Ukrainian, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian and Vietnamese. Even if your language is not present, prayer programs will be shared so you can come and join us in prayer by reading the prepared material.

We will pray the Holy Rosary, the Crusade Prayers, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy Chaplet for the salvation of all sinners, including our loved ones and friends who have turned their backs on the Lord and for the triumph of the remnant army.

Let us unite our hearts as one Jesus to Mankind Global Family, together with the Virgin Mary, our Mother of Salvation, Queen of the Holy Rosary and offer our prayers and sacrifices for the conversion and salvation of all sinners.

Jesus, we trust in You!

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