12 Year Anniversary Global Crusade of Prayer

Happy 12th Year Anniversary of the Jesus to Mankind Mission!

To celebrate, you are invited to a special Global Crusade Prayer Hour for the Protection of Christians All Over the World on November 9, 2022 at 9:00 pm Singapore time; 3:00pm CET; 8:00am Eastern Standard Time.
Here’s the link to our anniversary crusade prayer session https://bit.ly/JTMGlobal12YearAnniversary

As the world distances itself from God and governments craft new laws that reject His teachings, Christian persecution grows more and more each day.

The faithful are being deprived of their right to practice and express their Christian beliefs at the expense of their livelihoods, their professions, and even their very lives. The persecution not only comes from secular society but also from liberal and modernist Church leaders.
This is being done to wipe out Christianity and the presence of God in the world today.  

As what the Blessed Virgin warned us on July 2nd, 2014:
Very little tolerance will be shown to Christians who remain true to the Word and who follow the path to God. Even those holy servants who profess to serve Jesus Christ will be too weak to defend Christianity and they will allow themselves to be forced into accepting these laws. In many cases the traitors amongst them will facilitate the abolition of the Cross and the Truth of Christianity. In time, they will all adore a false doctrine, along with other faiths which will not come from God.
-Mother of Salvation

Let us pray as one Jesus to Mankind Remnant Army, on the 12th Year anniversary of the Mission of Salvation for the Protection of Christians All Over the World and for the preservation of the True Faith.

This Global One Hour Crusade of Prayer Session will be in English and will have live translations in the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Russian/Ukrainian, Korean, Portuguese, Albanian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian 
Please invite others who recognize Jesus as the Saviour and Redeemer of humanity to join us in this special Crusade Prayer Hour.

Jesus, we trust in You!