The Presentation of the Virgin Mary, The Mother of Salvation

Mary’s Presentation was celebrated in Jerusalem. Mary was taken to the temple at the age of 3 yrs old and dedicated to God and left to be raised as a consecrated Virgin. This act was done in fulfillment of the sacred promise made by her parents Saint Anne and Saint Joachim during their long struggle with childlessness.

Come and join us in celebrating the Presentation of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Salvation.

When: Monday 21st November .


Zoom meeting ID no : 84978130807

*Time:*7.30 pm Adelaide time.
*Singapore time* 5pm

Please invite family and friends to help celebrate with us as we send Our Mother of Salvation a bouquet of prayers to Heaven.

Thank you as we look forward to uniting in prayer.

May God bless you all abundantly.
Australian Coordination Team