Crusade Of Prayer Group Guidelines

Guidelines for Crusade of Prayer Groups
My dearly beloved daughter it must be known that I wish to form an army of prayer
groups around the world. I will provide you, My army, with prayers that will need to be
recited to save souls. These prayer groups will expand and within its ranks will rise a
veritable army of devoted followers to bring forth the Truth of My Divine Promise of
Salvation for all. These groups will form the army as dictated by My beloved Father,
which will tackle the darkness of evil caused by Satan and his believers and followers
October 23 2011
These prayers were written in Heaven and promise extraordinary Graces.
November 11 2012
They have one purpose only and that is to save the souls of everyone; every child; every
creed; each sex; every religious denomination and atheists. This is My greatest desire.
You, My disciples, are under My direction. The Graces I pour over you are already
bearing fruit. Soon the powers I will give, through the Graces of the Crusade Prayers,
will draw thousands of new souls.
How, you may think, can a small prayer group achieve such conversions? The answer is
It is because you are protected by My Father, and guided by Me directly, that you will
succeed. You cannot fail.

August 10, 2011

  • Patience, silent prayer daily, the formation of prayer groups, daily recital of the
    Divine Mercy Chaplet, fasting and the Holy Rosary to My Beloved Mother
    combined, act as the perfect formula for saving souls.
  • At least two people must gather. In time hopefully many will join in this Mission to
    save all souls. This can be done in homes or public places where you are permitted to
    gather. If possible, this gathering should be in houses of worship.
  • People are to meet as often as possible. Even if you must start with one or two days
    a week and have different people coming each day if you are able to meet daily
    which is the goal, this will at least get you started. If your group is large enough you
    can have a leader and organizer volunteer or several people can share that
    responsibility or just rotate and share this responsibility. Perhaps you can move from
    house to house.
  • It is recommended that you have a Blessed Crucifix, Blessed candle burning and
    Holy water/blessed oil let everyone bless themselves before beginning with prayer
    January 25 2013
  • Our Lady has asked people of all faiths to pray her Rosary. June 20 2012
  • Spend at least an hour in prayer daily with Our Lord and Our Mother.
  • Recent Messages, which have been given since the last meeting, should be read
    slowly and respectfully.
    No one is to interpret the Messages because Jesus has already said that even Maria
    Divine Mercy is not qualified to interpret them. An incorrect interpretation could
    turn souls away.
  • The goal of this Mission is to reach out to all souls of all faiths or no faith. No one
    is excluded.
  • It would be helpful if copies of the Messages you read can be handed out for those
    who do not have a computer.
  • It is recommended that all of the Crusade Prayers and Litanies be prayed giving
    adequate time when it is requested for people to add their own intentions. It is best
    for people to pray their intentions silently
    . Perhaps people can bow their heads and
    then raise them when they are finished so that you can proceed without cutting
    anyone off. Remember some people have large families and many intentions and it
    is important that these all be included.
  • In the Second Litany it is recommended that souls in complete darkness and those
    who will die this day be included with your other intentions.
  • If the group gets large enough perhaps a leader can stand at the front of the group so
    that they will know when people have completed their intentions and the prayers
    can continue.
  • Remember that there is great power in your praying together as a Crusade Prayer
  • I must also instruct you, My beloved disciples, to ensure that prayer forms the basis
    for every prayer meeting. I do not wish you to contemplate negativity or create
    fear amongst yourselves, because all I bring is Love and Mercy.
    January 25 2013
  • Discussions of the Messages should be limited to direct and exact quotes from the
    original messages. It is highly recommended that all pray for discernment regarding
    the Messages because of the great danger in misinterpreting the Messages. August 8
  • While Our Lord has requested that we pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3:00 PM,
    He has also requested that we pray it many times a day.
  • Choose the Crusade Prayers I give you and say them, so that you can focus on
    different requests during each prayer group. If, for example, you are praying the
    Crusade Prayer for the Grace of Immunity do this in a way, so that the prayer group,
    that day, can concentrate on a selection of Crusade Prayers, which calls on God’s
    protection for souls. Then on another day, focus on a selection of prayers, which are
    given to you for the protection of priests and clergy. March 7 2013


  1. Opening Prayer “Jesus forgive me, for I have sinned.” September 24 2013
  2. Crusade Prayer 96 January 25, 2013
  3. Invocation of the Saints May 11 2011
  4. St Michael Prayer March 6 2014
  5. Daily recital of the Holy Rosary to My Beloved Mother. June 20 2012
  6. Daily Crusade Prayers. March 7 2013
  7. Theme Crusade Prayers August 19th 2012 and March 7 2013
  8. Daily Litany Prayers. August 19 2012 and July 21 2012 and August 24 201
  9. Daily recital of the Divine Mercy Chaplet August 10, 2011
  10. Closing Prayer Crusade Prayer 96 25 January 2013
  11. Message reading August 8 2012
    My Messages are full of hope and I will mitigate much of the suffering foretold, through the
    power of My Crusade Prayer Groups.The purpose of this Mission is to save souls.It has
    never been about anything else.My Messages are given to enlighten you,to alert you to
    the dangers, which affect your faith,and to prepare you for My New Paradise

Go now, in Peace. I will cover each Crusade Prayer Group with My Abundance of Graces,
including the Gift of Discernment. Your Jesus.

January 25 2013

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