JTM UK & Ireland May 1 Book of Truth seminar

May 1, 2022 08:00 PM London Dear UK & Ireland Prayer Warriors
In a Book of Truth Message dated February 5th 2012, the Mother of Salvation says:
“…I am your Immaculate Heart and through the love I have for my precious Son, Jesus Christ, will work with Him closely to save humanity.
By praying for me to intercede, I will beg my Father, God the Most High, to keep His Hand of Justice from the severe punishment He will pour down on the Earth, to stop wickedness from spreading.
I will help you, children, to become closer to my Son’s Heart. When we work together, my children, we can avert disasters worldwide.
Never forget the importance of my Most Holy Rosary, because when you say it every day, you can help save your nation. 
Satan’s power is weakened when you say my Rosary…”

Please join us as we begin the month of May by learning about the importance of praying the Holy Rosary for salvation and protection during these end times, through the messages given by the Mother of Salvation in the Book of Truth.

This Zoom Seminar will be held at 8pm London Time.

Please join us and register now. https://bit.ly/JTMUKandIrelandMay1

March 24th JTM USA Seminar Title: The Power and Purpose of Suffering

JTM USA Introduction of the Book of Truth Seminar & Suffering for God’s MissionTime

Mar 24, 2022 09:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUSAMarch24

My Messages are full of hope and I will mitigate much of the suffering foretold, through the power of My Crusade Prayer Groups. The purpose of this Mission is to save souls. It has never been about anything else. My Messages are given to enlighten you, to alert you to the dangers, which affect your faith, and to prepare you for My New Paradise.

Go now, in Peace. I will cover each Crusade Prayer Group with My Abundance of Graces, including  the Gift of Discernment.

Your Jesus

Australia Crusade Prayer Hour for the conversion of sinners

You are all invited to attend the Jesus to Mankind Global Crusade Prayer Hour for the Conversion of Sinners on March 19th, 2022 7pm Sydney time. Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMAustraliaMarch19

With the following Words of Jesus, we invite everyone to gather in prayer especially during Lent for the Conversion of Sinners.

It was for these poor souls that I cried Tears of Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane, April 1, 2014…My Agony in the Garden is being relived once again and I am doubled with the pain of suffering, May 30, 2012….I pine for them. Without them, I cannot feel whole July 14, 2013….Only through the prayers of intercession can those souls in the dark be saved. April 3, 2012

…Tell My children that their prayer and fasting has created much happiness in My Father’s tender Heart. An abundance of Graces now flow over those dear, holy souls, so that they are empowered with the gift of interceding for lost souls from this day forth. August 12, 2011

Let us use the God-given gift of intercession in common prayer so that many souls may be converted.

This Global Crusade Prayer Hour will be in English.

We will pray the Holy Rosary, the Crusade Prayers, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the conversion of all sinners, including our loved ones and friends who have turned their backs on the Lord.

Let us unite our hearts as one Jesus to Mankind Global Family, together with the Virgin Mary, our Mother of Salvation and offer our prayers and sacrifices for the conversion of all sinners.

Jesus, we trust in You!Time

Mar 19, 2022 07:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Russian Prayer Sessions


ЕЖЕНЕДЕЛЬНЫЕ МОЛИТВЕННЫЕ ВСТРЕЧИ НАЧНЕМ ПРОВОДИТЬВ МАРТЕ, КАЖДЫЙ ПОНЕДЕЛЬНИК, 20:30 МСК — Ссылка на этот сеанс Zoom будет отправлена в специальном информационном бюллетене на следующей неделе.

Уважаемые члены молитвенных групп (JTM) из русскоязычных стран:

Россия, Беларусь, Кыргызстан и Казахстан, Азербайджан, Эстония, Грузия, Латвия, Литва, Молдова, Таджикистан, Туркменистан и Узбекистан.

В этом сообщении мы хотели бы проинформировать Вас обо всех предстоящих событиях русскоязычной миссии «Иисус человечеству (JTM) , Миссия Книги Истины».

Следующая встреча русскоязычной молитвенной группы Zoom состоится 27 февраля в 15:00 по московскому времени. Тема: Об оздоровлении души и тела для нас инаших народов.

Вы можете зарегистрироваться на эту встречу по следующей ссылке:


Мы будем молиться Святым Розарием, Венчиком Божьему Милосердию, Молитвами Крестового Похода, читать некоторые Послания из Книги Истины.

В эти трудные времена страдают многие люди и семьи, поэтому мы будем молиться об оздоровлении души и тела для нас самих, наших семей, а также о защите и духовном исцелении наших народов.

Еще раз спасибо всем, кто помогает своими молитвами.

Вы можете найти информацию на разных языках на следующих сайтах:



У нас также есть группа в ВК (ссылка ниже), где вы можете следить за нашими обновлениями и делиться ими через социальные сети.


JTM Россия.


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, WEEKLY PRAYER SESSIONS STARTING IN MARCH, EVERY MONDAY, 20:30, MOSCOW TIME— The link for this zoom meeting will be sent out next week in a special News Letter

Dear JTM Prayer Group Members from Russian speaking countries:

Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

In this Newsletter we would like to inform all of some upcoming events for the Russian “Jesus to Mankind (JTM), Book of Truth Mission.”

The next Russian language Zoom Prayer Group session will take place on 27th of February at 15:00, Moscow time. Theme: Healing for ourselves and for our nations.

You can register for this meeting with the following link:


We will pray the Holy Rosary and read some Messages from the Book of Truth. We will also be saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Crusade Prayers.

In these difficult times many people and families are suffering and so we will pray for healing of ourselves, our families and for the protection and healing of our nations.

Once again, thank you to everyone who is assisting with their prayers.

You can find information in various languages at the following sites:



We also have a group in VK at the following link where you can link to updates and share via social media.


From all of us we wish you every blessing and healing and look forward to praying with you soon,

JTM Russia.

Feb 15 JTM USA Prayer Seminar

Please join others in prayer

Comfort one another in times of spiritual trials and God will guide you every step of the way. I, the Mother of Salvation, will remain your protector and I will answer every request that you make of me.

I will remain by your side right up to the Day my Son returns to reclaim His Kingdom on earth.

Thank you for responding with faith, hope and trust, to my call and that of my Son.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation”


UK National JTM Crusade of Prayer: For Protection Against the Antichrist, Persecution, Protection of Nations and the Mitigation of Chastisement

Dear UK Prayer Warriors

In a Book of Truth Message dated January 10th 2012, The Mother of Salvation says:

My child, you must tell the world of the importance of prayer at this time.

My children are suffering everywhere in every country.

It is important that all God’s children unite at this time in order for the darkness to be finally lifted from the Earth.”

As requested by the Mother of Salvation, please join us as we unite in prayer: For Protection Against the Antichrist, Persecution, Protection of Nations and the Mitigation of Chastisement

It is recommended, as instructed by Jesus in the Book of Truth (Message given January 25th 2013, and the Crusade Prayer Guidelines) during the Crusade Prayer meeting please have if possible a blessed candle, Holy Water close by and a Crucifix of Jesus present.

Thank you for joining us in Prayer.

Feb 6, 2022 08:00 PM in London

Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUKFebruary6

USA Crusade Prayer Hour For Healing & Protection

Ave Maria Crusade Prayer Warriors

Please register to join the prayer hour for healing and protection https://bit.ly/JTMUSAJanuary31

Excerpt from a message from Jesus:

“When you truly place all your trust in Me, I can work great miracles to bring you, not only relief from suffering, but to draw you even closer to My Sacred Heart. When a child knows that a parent loves him, he feels secure in the knowledge that he is protected. Know that by trusting in Me, I protect you all and I will flood each of your souls with a deep sense of peace, which you will find nowhere else on this Earth. 

Come to Me today and call on Me to help you – no matter what worries you may have. Recite this special Prayer, every time you are in distress, and I will respond every single time.

Crusade Prayer (148) Come to my aid

O my Jesus, help me, in my time of great distress. Hold me in Your Arms and take me into the refuge of your Heart. Wipe away my tears. Calm my resolve. Lift my spirits and fill me with Your Peace. Please grant me this special request (mention it here…).
Come to my aid, so that my request is answered and that my life can become peaceful and in union with You, dear Lord. If my request cannot be granted, then fill me with the Grace to accept that Your Holy Will is for the good of my soul and that I will remain faithful to Your Word, forever, with a kind and gracious heart. Amen.

Always call to Me, whenever you are sorrowful or in need of help and I promise that you will be given a sign that I have responded to your cry to Me, your beloved Saviour. 

Your Jesus

View full message here https://fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/2014/05/03/ask-and-you-will-receive-is-not-an-idle-promise-that-i-make/