God the Father: Earthquakes will be felt as part of a small chastisement before The Warning

I Am God the Father, Creator of all things. I come in the Name of the Holy Trinity.

My beloved daughter, I announce today that all the preparations have now been completed for My Son’s Great Mercy. Please inform My children of their duty to pray for all souls who have removed themselves from Me, their Eternal Father. Only you can, children, help save these souls.

I also wish to inform you that a number of earthquakes will be felt, as I cast down a small chastisement, to punish those wicked souls who torment their fellow countrymen.

My daughter, once this chastisement is over it will be time for The Warning. Mankind will honour My Son, when they will seek forgiveness, for the way in which they have offended Me. Continue reading

God the Father: World to undergo a Chastisement – My Intervention is necessary

My daughter, the world is about to undergo a chastisement as a result of the terrible sin being waged by mankind.

While much of this chastisement has been averted, My Hand will fall now on the wickedness, which is being perpetrated in every corner.

So much hatred for Me, God the Father, must be stopped or My children will suffer an even greater horror.

I now prepare the world for the changes required to purify the Earth, so that it is according to My Plan to save humanity. So many souls are tormented by sin.

I Am the God of all Creation and I will not sit back and watch My children destroy each other. Continue reading

God the Father:”My Hand will fall with force on nations who legalize abortion”

GodsimageI come in the Name of My Son, Jesus Christ. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, God of the Most High. I wish to give My children the world over this Message.

My Hand is being withheld from punishing man for the sins he commits, through the power of prayer. I will cast down a severe chastisement if man does not turn away from the sin of murder and abortion. Already you, My children, have seen My Anger through earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and other ecological turmoil.

I must chastise you, children, for you cannot avoid punishment for your offences against your fellow man. Continue reading

Earthquake in Europe & World War

My dearly beloved daughter, it is with great Love that I come to communicate with you this evening. For I know the torment you have been suffering. The suffering, which you have now offered up for souls, means that they would have faced damnation had you not done so with joy.

My daughter, these Messages are authentic, but you must only communicate with Me during prayer or after prayer. This is important because the deceiver can sometimes try to intercept unless you are in quiet prayer with Me. Continue reading

Man being punished in this Year of Purification

My beloved daughter, the Purification, which will be suffered by mankind through wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, heat waves and mudslides, is continuing because of the sins of mankind.

Only those who turn to Me, their Divine Saviour and their Creator, My Father, their Father, can be saved. Never look on My Father with fear for He loves all His children. Yet He will apply punishment to those who refuse to accept His Existence. His Patience now, as evil, lack of faith and man’s obscene love of himself continues, is coming to an end. Continue reading