JTM USA Seminar Sept 28,2022


Please join seminar at 9pm eastern time Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUSA28September2022

Please say this Crusade Prayer  to accept the Divine Will of My Father.

Crusade Prayer (69) Prayer to God the Father to accept His Divine Will

God the Almighty Father I accept Your Divine Will

Help Your children to accept it

Stop Satan from denying Your children’s right to their Father’s


Never let us give up the fight for our inheritance in Paradise

Hear our pleas to banish Satan and his fallen angels

I ask You Dear Father to cleanse the earth with Your Mercy and to

cover us with Your Holy Spirit

Lead us to form your most Holy army, laden with the power to banish the beast forever. Amen.

Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUSA28September2022

JTM USA National Prayer Session: September 15th 2022

JTM USA National Prayer Session, September 15th, 9pm est. “…To Unite My Followers As One…”

Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUSA15September2022

My children, you must seek out the comfort of each other, as you gather, at every corner of the earth, to form My Son’s Remnant Army.

“O beloved Mother of Salvation, I implore you to unite, through your prayers, all of God’s Remnant Army,throughout the world.

Cover all Crusade Prayer Groups with the Grace of Salvation, poured out upon us, through the Mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Send your angels to cover each one of us, and especially, those priests who lead the Crusade Prayer Groups.

Help us to avoid the distractions, which cause division amongst us, and protect us with your gift of armour, so that we become immune to the attacks, which we will have to endure, because of our love for Jesus Christ, in this Holy Mission to save souls. Amen.”

View full message here   https://fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/mother-of-god-many-will-be-lonely-in-their-quest-to-form-prayer-groups/ 

USA National Prayer Session

Please join the Jesus to Mankind USA National Prayer session on September 15, 2022 at 9PM

Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUSA15September2022

You will gather in every corner of the world and, although you will join in My Remnant Army speaking in many tongues, you will unite as one in Me. Those who follow these Messages will form the kernel and from this will grow the shoots and then the branches of My Remnant Army all over the world. There will be not one country left untouched by My Holy Spirit through the Book of Truth.

JTM USA National Prayer Session: “Salvation of Souls Month”

I ask all My children to spend the month of August praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet  daily for the lost souls who will not survive The Warning. One day of fasting a week is also required, as well as, daily Mass and the receiving of My Most Holy Eucharist.
If enough of you do this, in which I call “Salvation of Souls” month, then millions of souls will be saved throughout the world. Do this for Me, children, and you will become part of My Glorious Kingdom.
(7-23-2011) https://fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/2011/07/23/august-2011-salvation-of-souls-month/

Please join us in prayer on August 17, 2022 at 9pm eastern https://bit.ly/JTMUSA17August2022

USA National Prayer Session

Please join in praying on July 20,2022 9pm eastern time

Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUSA20July2022

“The graces of the Holy Spirit will fire the souls of My soldiers and they will march forth and help Me save humanity.

Rejoice My Army for you are blessed to have been chosen for this glorious task.

Through your love for Me, your Divine Saviour, you will help save your poor brothers and sisters from being lost to the evil one.

Come now My followers and allow me to lead you through the dense and thorny jungle into the Light of My New Kingdom on earth.

This World Is Passing Away Are You Prepared for The Next 

June 29th JTM USA Seminar 9 pm eastern
This World Is Passing Away Are You Prepared for The Next

Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUSA29June2022

My Promise to bring you back into the Paradise, which I created for each one of you, even before you took your first breath, is about to be witnessed. Each of you has been given this birthright. Prepare. You will be drawn into My Paradise through the love, which I will place in your hearts and by the Graces, which you will be granted in your souls. Not one soul amongst you will be able to say that I did not give you every chance, every sign, every reprieve. Pray that you will have the graciousness to accept the glorious life, which I have ready for you, of a world without end.

Your beloved Father

God the Most High” 2-26-2014

Reside in my Kingdom through conversion

JTM USA National Prayer Session, June 22nd, 9pm est. “Reside In My Kingdom, Through Conversion”Time

Jun 22, 2022 09:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUSAJune222022

So that I can draw you into the Mercy of My Love and enlighten your hearts, I give you this Gift. I Promise that when you call on Me in this way, through this Prayer, that  your doubts as to Who I Am, speaking with you now, will vanish.  I offer you this Gift so that you, through the Prayers I give to the world at this time, can save the whole of humanity.

If you come to Me, free of pride and with an open and clear conscience, you will know instantly that you have been given this Gift. It is the Gift of Conversion for others.

O my dearest Jesus, with my love for You please accept my soul in union with You.

Take my soul, cover it with Your Holy Spirit and  help me, through this Prayer, save all those I come into contact with.

Engulf every soul I meet with Your Holy Mercy and offer them the salvation needed to enter Your Kingdom.

Hear my prayers. Listen to my pleas and through Your Mercy salvage the souls of the whole of humanity. Amen.

JTM USA Book of Truth Seminar

Upcoming seminar April 26, 2022 9 pm Eastern time

registration link https://bit.ly/JTMUSAApril26

My dearly beloved daughter, let no one underestimate the Power of God in all things, which may evolve in these times.  God’s Power is infinite and not one man can overcome the Divinity or Will of God. Not one enemy of Mine can boast that he is greater than God, Who can, in just one breath, pour down His Justice upon the world. While God is patient, fair, just and full of unconditional Love for all of His children, including the wicked amongst them, He will retaliate against the wickedness of man, caused by the evil influence of the devil.

Cursed are those who rise up against God in defiance against the Holy Word. They will be punished in God’s Time, when they have been given every opportunity to change their ways. Those who worship evil and the beast will be struck by lightning, just as it was when Lucifer was thrown into the infernal abyss, like a bolt of lightning.

When My enemies harm others; try to kill them and maim them, in order to gain power over the weak, they will suffer a terrible chastisement. When genocide, of any kind, is perpetrated upon the innocent by devil worshipers, they will burn in Hell and they will be stopped just when they believe they have succeeded.

Divine Providence will always prevail, for there is no Power more Mighty than He Who created everything out of nothing.

Your Jesus


Acceptance of Suffering for God’s Mission

JTM USA National Prayer Session

March 16th, 9pm New York time


“I lay before You, dear Jesus, and at Your Feet to do what you will with me for the good of all. Let me share Your Cup of Suffering.

Take this gift from me, so that You can save those poor souls who are lost and without hope.Take me, in body, so I can share Your Pain. Hold my heart in Your Sacred Hands and bring my soul in union with You.

Through my gift of suffering, I allow Your Divine Presence to embrace my soul, so that you can redeem all sinners and unite all God’s children forever and ever.  Amen.”

This sacrifice on your part, presented to Me, Jesus Christ, Redeemer of all humanity, will enable Me to pour My Great Mercy over the whole world.

More importantly, I will save even those who hate Me. Your prayers and sacrifice are their only saving grace, for without this, they would be destroyed by the evil one.

If you do not wish to endure this suffering, I will grant you great blessings and ask that you continue with Me on My journey to awaken the world from its slumber and so I can lift the veil of deceit which covers it.

Your Jesus

View full message here https://fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/i-desire-that-all-of-my-followers-conduct-a-time-of-fasting-from-next-monday-until-1530-hours-on-good-friday/