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Please pray for this Holy Mission of Salvation

Posting this at the request of Maria Divine Mercy. Please pray for this Holy Mission of Salvation for its protection and propagation.

medal of salvation                           Crusade Prayer (132)                                      Renounce Satan, to Protect this Mission (31/1/14)

“In order to safeguard this Mission against the wickedness of Satan, I ask that you begin to recite this powerful Prayer to renounce Satan.
When you recite this Crusade Prayer, at least twice a week, you will help to protect this Mission of Salvation and bring more souls into the
Realm of God’s Kingdom.” (Mother of Salvation)

O Mother of Salvation, come to the aid of this Mission. Help us, God’s 
Remnant Army, to renounce Satan. We beg you to crush the head of the 
Beast with your heel and remove all obstacles in our Mission to save 
souls. Amen.

Crusade of Prayer Groups

Are you looking to join a Crusade of Prayer Group?

Local crusade prayer groups have been set up and it meets once a week in a designated household for the purpose of saving souls through our prayers. You may set up your own  groups following the Guidelines.  A group may consist of two or more.  The Crusade Prayer Meeting entails approximately 1.5 hours of prayer of the Holy Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and a selection of Crusade Prayers and Litanies.

In fidelity to Jesus’ last Mission to save Souls and to help us persevere in this most challenging spiritual battle ever experienced by mankind, Jesus requests that we also individually:

  • Spend time in daily prayer (Jesus has requested at least one hour of selected Crusade Prayers and Litanies)
  • Spend time in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at least once a week
  • Fasting once week
  • The frequent reception of the Sacraments (Reconciliation and Holy Communion), and
  • The spreading of His Holy messages given to Maria Divine Mercy

Anyone and everyone who love God enough to want to help Him salvage souls. This is entirely voluntary according to one’s own free will, a gift given to us by God.

“I will cover each Crusade Prayer Group with My Abundance of Graces, including the Gift of Discernment.”  (Jesus, Jan 23, 2013)

“Prepare for this global Mission, like no other. It is the Final Mission to save souls and every step of the way is dictated by Me, Jesus Christ.  So, I ask that you place all your trust in Me. Rejoice, for you are blessed to be given this role in the most important time in the history of the world. For this, you will receive many Gifts from Me, as I need your help to save souls.  Allow Me to give you the Blessing of Protection for the Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Groups in every single location, as they are being set up. My Love, My Blessing, My beloved disciples. You bring Me peace, love and comfort at this time.” (Jesus, June 17, 2013) 

“I will increase conversion, as more Prayer Groups are established in My Holy Name.  Call these Prayer Groups “Jesus to Mankind” and leave the rest to Me.” (Jesus, Sept 3, 2012)

Please contact the admin group if you have a group or looking for a group

We look forward to helping you

God Bless



Seal of the Living God Crucifix

I promise you that the persecution will be swift and that you will be protected.

For I now bequeath the Seal of My Love and Protection.

With this you will escape the notice of those who will cause hardship in your countries.

My Seal is My Promise of Salvation. My Power will surge through you with this Seal and no harm will come to you.

This is a miracle, children, and only those who bow before Me, their Lord and Creator of all things, as little children with love in their hearts for Me, can be blessed with this Divine Gift. Seal of the Living God Message

Crucifix was designed under the direction of Our Lord.

The promises accorded to The Seal of the Living God Crucifix:

This Crucifix has been assigned by God to provide great blessings,
including strength, courage, perseverance and resilience for Crusade of
Prayer Groups around the world.


You can order this crucifix at 



Updated: Seal of the Living God Free to download

Important information regarding the Seal of the Living God

Father of Love and Mercy

Featured Image -- 24369The Seal of the Living God Prayer is free to download in many languages

Jesus desires that we pray the Seal of the Living God Prayer every day to receive this precious gift of protection for ourselves, our families and our loved ones.

There are many messages in regards to its importance. Here is the first one: 

You can have these printed off at a local print shop and have them laminated or have it framed and hang it in a place of honor in your home.

Click here>>Seal of the Living God in other languages 

You can download from this site that has more styles of seals and other materials to distribute. 

It is free of copyright and cannot be sold in any way. Nor can the Seal of the Living God be sold. They must be made available free of charge.

small seal of God

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Mission of Salvation

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Please pray for the protection of the last mission of salvation given to mankind

Mother of Salvation Pray for us 

Vancouver Book of Truth Seminar

SeminarPlease register for the Book of Truth Seminar space is limited


Marpole Oakridge Community Centre
990 West 59 th Avenue
Vancouver BC V6P 1X9

To register or for more information:

“If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.” (Heb. 3:7-8)


Prepare, Pray, and Trust in God’s Mercy!

A Jesus to Mankind Book of Truth Seminar will be presented regarding insights, experiences and understanding of the messages from Heaven given to mankind for these End Times.
Our Lord’s Chosen End Time Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy’s authorized speaker will be giving any updates and answering questions.

Are you confused and concerned as to what is happening to our Holy Mother Church?

The answers are in THE BOOK OF TRUTH.

The Book of Truth is mentioned in Daniel 10:21. This is where a mysterious Book of Truth is referred to. Gabriel explains to Daniel that everything that has been revealed to him about the future and the end times is to be found in the Book of Truth. Daniel is told to seal it up as it is to be left to another time called “The Time Of The End”

The Book of Truth, in 5 Volumes so far, has been given to the world at this time in history through Maria Divine Mercy from the Holy Trinity and Mary, Mother of Salvation. It is about the Mission of Salvation for all souls in preparation for what is known as The Warning/The Illumination of Conscience/The Great Mercy/The Great Confession and then followed by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Book of Truth is meant for this present generation.

 >The direction of the Church and the World
 >What is in store for the difficult times ahead?
 >Establishing Centers of Prayer and forming Prayer Groups
 >Intercession and Reparation: Yes, we can make a difference!
 >Help Jesus save souls!

Please pray for the protection of the last mission of salvation given to mankind is the official appointed global distributor and retailer for the Book of Truth in all languages, the Crusade of Prayer Books, the Seal of the Living God scapular and Cross, Mother of Salvation medals and rosary beads.