Florida Book of Truth Seminar

SeminarPlease register for the Book of Truth Seminar space is limited


To register or for more information: FLBookOfTruthSeminar@gmail.com 

Mount Dora Community Building
520 N. Baker Street
Mount Dora, Florida 32757


Prepare, Pray, and Trust in God’s Mercy!

A Jesus to Mankind Book of Truth Seminar will be presented regarding insights, experiences and understanding of the messages from Heaven given to mankind for these End Times.
Our Lord’s Chosen End Time Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy’s authorized speaker will be giving any updates and answering questions. Are you confused and concerned as to what is happening to our Holy Mother Church? The answers are in THE BOOK OF TRUTH.
The Book of Truth is mentioned in Daniel 10:21. This is where a mysterious Book of Truth is referred to. Gabriel explains to Daniel that everything that has been revealed to him about the future and the end times is to be found in the Book of Truth. Daniel is told to seal it up as it is to be left to another time called  “The Time Of The End”
The Book of Truth, in 5 Volumes so far, has been given to the world at this time in history through Maria Divine Mercy from the Holy Trinity and Mary, Mother of Salvation. It is about the Mission of Salvation for all souls in preparation for what is known as The Warning/The Illumination of Conscience/The Great Mercy/The Great Confession and then followed by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Book of Truth is meant for this present generation.
 >The direction of the Church and the World
 >What is in store for the difficult times ahead?
 >Establishing Centers of Prayer and forming Prayer Groups
 >Intercession and Reparation: Yes, we can make a difference!
 >Help Jesus save souls!

Please pray for the protection of the last mission of salvation given to mankind

https://christousa.com/ is the official appointed global distributor and retailer for the Book of Truth in all languages, the Crusade of Prayer Books, the Seal of the Living God scapular and Cross, Mother of Salvation medals and rosary beads.


August, 2011 – Salvation of Souls Month

July 23,2011
I ask all My children to spend the month of August praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily for the lost souls who will not survive The Warning. One day of fasting a week is also required, as well as, daily Mass and the receiving of My Most Holy Eucharist.

If enough of you do this, in which I call “Salvation of Souls” month, then millions of souls will be saved throughout the world. Do this for Me, children, and you will become part of My Glorious Kingdom.

Father of Love and Mercy

cling-to-rockMy beloved daughter, you make Me so happy. Your total surrender now means that I can save more souls everywhere. A victim soul, My daughter, is not entirely clear to you as to its full meaning, but in time, it will be. By then, you will be so strong that to suffer for Me will bring you joy, not sadness. It will not be easy, but then working for Me, your beloved Saviour, cannot be easy.

It was by the inspiration of God, My Eternal Father, that you were encouraged to make this final sacrifice for Me. This is a very special grace, My daughter, although it won’t appear to be in human terms, for My graces are not always about bringing joy and happiness into your life. They can bring suffering, but at the same time, provide you with a real insight into My Glorious Kingdom.

Many, many people…

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Virgin Mary: I ask of all God’s children to, once again dedicate the month of August to save souls.

Aug 1,2012
I ask of all God’s children to, once again, dedicate the month of August to save souls.

Father of Love and Mercy

Divine-Mercy-SundayMy child there is much change, much of which has been disclosed to you in the past, about to be witnessed in the world. There will be much destruction, much unrest and chastisements, all of which will come about because of the sin of humanity.

I ask of all God’s children to, once again, dedicate the month of August to save souls.

This is what you must do. Go to Mass every day and receive the Holy Eucharist.

Then every day at 3 o’clock say the Divine Mercy chaplet.

For those of you who can you should fast for one day a week.

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God the Father: Earthquakes will strike your cities

The Gift of life, given by Me to every creature of Mine, will be stolen from Me, by man, without a shred of remorse. He will condone every part of his murderous intent, by declaring the taking of life to be a good thing. Death, by abortion, is the greatest insult of all and I warn humanity that Justice will be Mine, for I will no longer allow you to curse Me in this way.

Earthquakes will strike your cities and for every nation that condones the taking of life, you will feel the wake of My Anger, as I strike your grievous and hateful hearts. Those who seek remorse for this wrongdoing will be spared, but know that not one nation amongst you will escape this chastisement.

Father of Love and Mercy

My dearest daughter, the time has come when man, having sinned and blemished himself in My Eyes, for so long, will now sink into the final depths of depravity, when he will strive to destroy all that is sacred of Mine. 

All life comes from Me. Life of the soul is Mine. Life of the flesh is also of Me. Let no man interfere with either – lest his own life be taken away by Me. Of that you can be sure. Every form of life, which has been brought forth by My Hand, will be killed at the hands of wicked men. They will take life away from those in the womb and declare this to be a form of human right.

GodsimageYou, My children, do not have the right to destroy the life of My children – either before or after they are born – and if you…

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Earthquakes will be of such magnitude that they will be felt across multiple countries, at the same time


My daughter, the Truth can be unbearable at times, but justice will be handed down, by My Father, upon those lands which desecrate His Word. All the punishments handed down by My Father will take place before My Second Coming. Cities will disappear, countries will be awash with the tides of My Father’s Anger and earthquakes will be of such magnitude, that they will be felt across multiple countries, at the same time.

My daughter, you have already been given the information about those cities, which will suffer greatly. You must offer Me your tears, in atonements for the sins of those whose fate lies in darkness. Without your suffering, I cannot do what is needed to save these souls. So please, be generous with your pain and I will show Mercy, for those whom you place before Me.

Father of Love and Mercy

cropped-jesus-a11.jpgMy dearly beloved daughter, when the time comes for Me to make Myself known, at My Second Coming, you will not recognise the world, for it will have changed so much. 

The speed at which humanity will fall into the depths of sin will shock you. Every ugly sin of the flesh will be visible and many will have to watch these sins committed in public places. Very little shame will be shown by the culprits who, like lions in a feeding frenzy, will sink to the lowest depths of depravity, not seen since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Such will the infestation of humanity be, brought about by the evil one, that murders will be committed everywhere and suicide will be rampant. As Satan devours souls, he will ensure that every Law laid down by My Father will be broken. Cold hearts, barren souls and obsession with false…

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Crusade of Prayer (19) Prayer for young people

Please ask for this Crusade of Prayer (19) to be said to me, the Mother of Salvation, to save these poor children.

“Mother of Salvation, I ask you to pray for the Mercy of young souls who are in terrible darkness so, that they recognise your beloved Son when He comes to Redeem the whole of mankind.

Let not one soul fall by the wayside. Let not one soul reject His Great Mercy.

I pray, Mother, that all are saved and ask you to cover these souls with your Holy Mantle to provide them the protection they need from the deceiver. Amen.”

My child all souls are important to My Son. But it is the young souls in mortal sin that hurt Him the most.

Pray that the light of Mercy shines through the darkness of their minds and souls. Pray that they will reject their terrible lives of depravity and emptiness that they lead. Pray that they will reach up and beg for mercy otherwise they will never receive the graces they need to enter the New Paradise.

What a loss these young people will be to the rest of you who will accept the gift of the Warning and enter the New Era of Paradise on earth.  It will break My Son’s heart if they cannot be saved.

Your beloved Mother

Mary Queen of Heaven

Mother of Salvation

Mother of Salvation: June Crusade of Conversion Month

I urge you children to dedicate the month of June to the conversion of mankind and to ensure that they will seek salvation.

Call this month the Crusade of Conversion month and pray as one through prayer groups throughout the world.

Father of Love and Mercy

Fatima2My child every effort is being made by Satan and those souls he has infected to undermine my Son’s Most Holy Word.

Always remember that Satan plants the first seeds of doubts within the hearts of chosen souls.

The worst condemnation will be poured upon these Holy Messages by those who are intimately united to my Precious Son.

When Satan does this he wins souls.

Do not let him do this My child. Walk away and do not engage with him.

My Son never defended His Holy Word nor should you succumb to this temptation.

The scale of satanic influence is growing and spreading throughout the world.

My poor children suffer so and I weep tears of sorrow when I see their dismay and sorrow.

Pray, my children for peace at this time so that God’s children everywhere will turn to my Son for strength.

Only divine intervention, given through…

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The Feast Day of the Mother of Salvation, will be the last day accorded to me, the Mother of God

medal of salvationPlease share to get the word out for this upcoming feast day

The Medal of Salvation, however, is an exceptional Gift from Heaven given to the world because of the great Love my Son has for all God’s children. Through the powers given to me, by the command of my Eternal Father,

The Medal of Salvation, however, is an exceptional Gift from Heaven given to the world because of the great Love my Son has for all God’s children. Through the powers given to me, by the command of my Eternal Father, this Medal will be responsible for the salvation of billions of souls. This is made possible because once a soul accepts this Medal with an open heart it will result in conversion.

This is made possible because once a soul accepts this Medal with an open heart it will result in conversion.

You can order the Medal of Salvation from Christogifts.com 



Father of Love and Mercy

medal of salvationMy dear children, salvation can only be bequeathed by my Son, Jesus Christ, to souls who accept His Divine Mercy. 

The Medal of Salvation, however, is an exceptional Gift from Heaven given to the world because of the great Love my Son has for all God’s children. Through the powers given to me, by the command of my Eternal Father, this Medal will be responsible for the salvation of billions of souls. This is made possible because once a soul accepts this Medal with an open heart it will result in conversion.

My role as Co-Redemptrix, in assisting my Son in His great plan to unite everyone and to bring them Eternal Life, has been established.As the Mother of Salvation, all powers assigned to me to crush the serpent’s head has meant that his power will diminish quickly.This is why he, the evil one, despises this Medal and…

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Prayer and Fasting for Easter

“If you can accept this, you will, in atonement for the sins of mortal man, save millions of souls. I will grant Mercy to the most hardened sinners, in return for your gift of suffering.”

precious blood

On the 22nd March, 2013 Jesus gave a message asking His remnant to fast

1B515ACD-C652-49A2-88E5-F09E717652BA“I desire that all of My followers conduct a time of fasting from next Monday until 15:30 hours (03:30 PM) on Good Friday.”

Jesus then went on to say “It is through fasting that you will become whole again. By cleansing your body, your spirit will be renewed. I also desire that you receive the Sacrament of Confession, or what form of reconciliation is available to you.’

“Then in spirit, I wish you to join with Me, as if you were present with My apostles at My Last Supper. You will share with Me, the unleavened bread and eat with Me at My table. You, My followers, can share with Me, My Cup of Suffering, by your own free will, should you accept My offer.”

This sacrifice on your part, presented to Me, Jesus Christ, Redeemer of all humanity, will enable Me to pour My Great Mercy over the whole world.

More importantly, I will save even those who hate Me. Your prayers and sacrifice are their only saving grace, for without this, they would be destroyed by the evil one.

If you do not wish to endure this suffering, I will grant you great blessings and ask that you continue with Me on My journey to awaken the world from its slumber and so I can lift the veil of deceit which covers it.

If you would like to help Jesus save souls

  • Begin fasting Monday 15th April through to 3:30pm on Good Friday 19th April

By fasting you are requested to eat only one main meal during the day and then bread and water only at the other two meal times.

  • Jesus request us to receive the Sacrament Confession or what form of reconciliation is available to us.
  • Jesus states if you are unable to receive this Sacrament then accept the Gift, I have given you of My Plenary Indulgence.

Crusade Prayer (24) Plenary Indulgence for Absolution:

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 @ 09:30 pm

They must say this prayer for seven consecutive days and they will be given the gift of Total Absolution and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Your Jesus.

“O my Jesus, You are the Light of the earth. You are the Flame that touches all souls. Your Mercy and Love knows no bounds. We are not worthy of the Sacrifice You made by Your death on the Cross, yet we know that Your Love for us is greater than the love we hold for You. Grant us, O Lord, the Gift of Humility, so that we are deserving of Your New Kingdom. Fill us with the Holy Spirit, so we can march forth and lead Your army to proclaim the Truth of Your Holy Word and prepare our brothers and sisters for the glory of Your Second Coming on earth. We honour You. We Praise You. We offer ourselves, our sorrows, our sufferings as a gift to You to save souls. We love You, Jesus. Have Mercy on all Your children, wherever they may be. Amen.”

  • Jesus then gave us Crusade Prayer 103 to recite 3 times on each of the days we fast should we wished to join Him in saving souls.

Crusade Prayer (103) To share the Cup of Suffering with Christ:

Friday, March 22, 2013 21:45 hours

Recite this, three times, when you can, but preferably during time of fasting. Your Jesus.

“I lay before You, dear Jesus, and at Your Feet to do what You will with me for the good of all. Let me share Your Cup of Suffering. Take this gift from me, so that You can save those poor souls who are lost and without hope. Take me, in body, so I can share Your Pain. Hold my heart in Your Sacred Hands and bring my soul in union with You. Through my gift of suffering, I allow Your Divine Presence to embrace my soul, so that You can redeem all sinners and unite all God’s children forever and ever. Amen.” 


Seal Of the Living God Testimony

SealThis testimony was shared at the Book of Truth Seminar held in New Jersey March 23, 2019.

On September 24 2018 I was awaken by severe abdominal pain i tried to get out of bed but I had no use of my legs I fell at the foot of my bed. My dog found me semi conscious. My wife saw me she said I was gray in color she called for an ambulance immediately as she is a nurse. I had very little control over any movement I thought I had a stroke.
The EMT’S arrived I saw my vitals were not normal I had very low blood pressure not low pulse quickly they took me out of the house into an ambulance to take me to St. Peter’s hospital, while in route to the hospital they were applying sensors on my chest and blood pressure. I was conscious the whole time I saw the concern look on the face of the EMT. When arrived at St. Peter’s hospital I was met by Team of doctors and residents. EMT said my vitals were seriously low and quickly I received an IV.
I was hooked up to heart monitor my pulse was 50 my blood pressure was 45/55.
The doctor ordered full blood work immediately my respiration was also not good my oxygen levels were seriously low. The doctor asked my wife if I was suffering from the flu I was fighting what I thought was a bad cold. Unfortunately it wasn’t a cold but pneumonia with sepsis infection that was shutting down my organs. Further blood analysis came back I was in septic shock at level 4 and 5 my wife looked very upset and I was at a state of peace for some reason I wasn’t afraid or concerned. The doctor ordered very strong antibiotics.
Again this is on Sunday early morning, I had double pneumonia and septic. The doctor placed me in ICU. Later that night cardiologist advised me I need a stent put in my neck so they can give me medication to raise my blood pressure however it was vital they do it immediately at 12 AM Monday morning the doctor inserted a catheter in my neck and immediately applied the medication.
No sooner than 5 mins my hemoglobin was low at 8 now I need a blood transfusion after one transfusion I need another while this was taking place I was concerned that my seal of the living God still remained around my neck and it was.
They were removing my cross and my rings I asked not to remove my seal of the living God scapular and they respected my wishes.
Tuesday morning doctor advised me one and three patients survive sepsis infection.
I was one of the lucky ones as my wife is my witness I said doctor the scapular around my neck saved my life.
This is my testimony that the seal of the living God does give miracles as I am a recipient of a miracle.
Thank you to PR for sharing this wonderful testimony.