The Beast with the Ten Horns is the European Union

c96dae22-0b08-4dca-95f8-f03be06aec92My dearly beloved daughter, you must not be frightened by these Messages for they are being given to the world because of the Love that I have for the whole of mankind.

Knowledge of events to come will help prepare My children so that they can defend the Truth.

My warnings can help spread conversion and will enable My children, to once again, acknowledge the Truth of My Promise to come back again.

My Second Coming will take place in your lifetime children.

You, of this chosen generation, will reap the wonders of My Glorious Reign on Earth.

I include among you, my chosen children, those who have turned their backs on Me and deny the Existence of My beloved Father, God the Most High.

My Love will envelop those who despise Me. In time they will convert. Continue reading