Mary, Not Nature, is Our Mother Seminar

Church Leadership today emphasizes a lot the phrase “Mother Nature”, referring to Creation as almost like a living being who is mankind’s “Mother”. We are all encouraged to care for creation, in the same way that we should care for our “mother”. We are told that sins against nature – ie, “ecological sins” – are real sins against our “mother”.

This webinar will seek to address this growing trend in the Catholic Church by emphasizing that:
Nature is Not our Mother – nature worship/veneration does not belong to the Catholic Faith
Mary is Our Mother – we will redirect the focus of people to Mary as our Mother

In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:
1) “Mother Nature”: A Growing Trend in the Catholic Church.

2) Fulfilled Prophecy – show that this emphasis on “nature worship” is actually fulfilled prophecy of the Book of Truth

3) Worship of Nature is Not Part of the Catholic Faith – official teachings of the Church that emphasize that nature worship is not part of our Faith

4) Mary is our Real MotherTime

Please join the webinar on February 12, 2022 09:00 PM in Hong Kong SAR 8:00 AM New York

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