Prayer vigil video invitations

These videos were submitted to invite you to join the prayer vigil (Polish and Italian)

Nocne różańcowe czuwania modlitewne to akcja ogólnoświatowa, o której przeczytasz poniżej. Łączymy się duchowo, odmawiając wszystkie 4 części różańca św. prosząc o ochronę Misji Zbawienia, ratowanie dusz od potępienia oraz zjednoczenie i umocnienie Armii Reszty. Każdy może podjąć modlitwę w dowolnym dniu tygodnia. Jeśli chcesz modlić się we wspólnocie, dołącz do nas w najbliższą sobotę o północy. Więcej szczegółów na temat czuwania znajdziesz poniżej:

Cari amici,

Questa volta il Santo Rosario continuo di 24 ore è molto speciale, si può fare come sempre in unione spirituale da casa, ma anche con presenza in un luogo sacro in centro Italia.

Una crociata del Santo Rosario, continuo di 24 ore,  Veglia di preghiera  il 1º Novembre,  Celebrazione di Ognissanti, offerta per le intenzione indicate da Gesù nel messaggio citato precedentemente.
E’ possibile partecipare alla Veglia del S. Rosario  in unione spirituale da casa o con presenza in un luogo sacro in Centro Italia, in ambi casi si devono adempiere le sei istruzioni di Gesù  trascritte prima:

1.   Per assistere al luogo sacro si devono chiedere più istruzioni inviando una email  a,  per poter  iscriversi dopo nell’orario del vostro turno nella tabella arancione.
2.  Per partecipare in unione spirituale da casa, iscriversi alla lista marroneinviando un’email a
2. I turni sono di mezz’ora;  sceglierne uno  e comunicarlo tramite email, si può sceglierne più di uno. Per favore cerchiamo di coprire gli orari dove non c’è nessuno.
3. Si può partecipare singolarmente o in gruppo offrendo uno o più Rosari per questa intenzione.
4. Nella lista si specificano gli orari e i misteri che si devono recitare nel turno scelto.


More Prayer Vigil Testimonies

These are the most recent Prayer vigil testimonies sent in from around the world. God Bless you and please continue to send in your testimonies

OurLadyOfTheRoses3Illinois prayer vigil testimony
We did our vigil on Thursday. My son Mick is 19. He came to mass and confession in the morning and we along with Grace 17 and Jason 14 all fasted. That night during the sorrowful mysteries carrying the Cross and the crucifixion, Mick was surrounded with the scent of roses. It was very moving for him.
St.Louis Missouri Prayer testimony
The Blue Army in St Louis Missouri USA held a rosary prayer procession through the neighborhood streets for the intention of the Hurricanes in Texas and Florida. While we were continuously praying the mysteries of the rosary, we smelled a strong scent of roses in our midst and was immediately aware that the Blessed Virgin Mary is present and hears our prayers for protection and calmness amidst the crisis going on. This inspired us and made us thankful for her miracle of the scent of roses.
 Anonymous location. Whole immediate family united under one roof and on board with Mission. Physical healing with my right arm over night that is Chronic Mason elbow. Catholic friends uniting under one banner to follow Jesus and apologizing for all our behaviors . More priests on board. Priest sent from Boston back here to help keep monastery open with Catholic presence. All friend-ships and situations blossoming in Love of Jesus.  Healing for daughter in her second pregnancy. All these began at Vigils and continue. Smell of Roses for 10 minutes with no roses in site . Many more and still happening. God Bless all and our hope is in Jesus and Christ Crucified alone.
Belgium Prayer Testimony
 I live in Belgium and held my vigil on Sept. 7, 2017.
During the Sorrowful Mysteries, I noticed that one candle showed the same miracle as the one of the chinese prayergroup.
I continued praying, and I felt the whole time, the flame of love, and praying went easy. It was then 1:00h. By the time I finished the Gloryful Mysteries, I assumed that it was 1:30h, but when I looked at my watch, it was 1:15h. My watch was not standing still, or I did not pray so fast…. I ended at 1:40h, went downstairs to take my Phone to take a picture, and in the kitchen the clock showed also 1:40h.
Our Lady of Africa

 Jesus To Mankind Nigeria (Owerri) Prayer Virgil Testimony 
‎‎Around 12am on the Feast of Nativity of Our Lady, when we began our rosary procession, a large circle appeared around the moon, it was later joined by a lesser circle which appeared inside the bigger one but around the moon. Then the smaller one disappeared and the bigger one seemed as if it was moving.

some time later a black line like a hand of a clock appeared it seemed as if it was pointing at 5 mins to 5 o’ clock. This later disappeared leaving a small circle which had white and orange-like strokes around its edges.
After the Rosary procession it disappeared and the moon hid behind a cloud.

We hadn’t had electricity for over a week in our community Umualom  probably because of bad Power Holding’s transformer, but a little after midnight as we started the Rosary, electric light was restored and stayed till we completed our Virgil. ‎

Ave! Maria!


Prayer vigil testimony #2

roman-catholic-quotes-3This was sent in from Hungary 9-06-17

Under the Vigil in the Hungarian prayer groups happened some special things: Many said they felt they cant continue praying due to tiredness, but they got new energy and freshness every time.

Many of them felt that they’re not alone in the room and there are maybe others praying with them. They may were angels.

Whom they felt this were not physically in the same place under the vigil, not even the same cities, they told me these experiences without knowing each other…
My strange experience: „I was praying with my mom and i felt my throat is bleeding (or my gum) i had to take my kerchief, but then i realised it was nothing special going on.

I told this to mom later, and She responded me she felt there are many other souls praying with us in our room, but we only prayed together.”
Everyone prayed with enthusiasm and we’re going to repeat it from time to time as Jesus asked !
Praise to the Lord and Gratitude for His Graces !

You can continue to organize prayer vigils as often as you would like 


Prayer vigil testimony

This was sent in from a Crusade member in Italy on Sept 3, 2017

Praying-rosary-in-IraqWe had a special permission to do this Vigil inside the Church where we pray crusades every week.

We thought it was too much asking to pray there during the night, but I decided to write to the priest explaining that we were praying in my house even if we knew it was better in front of the tabernacle and writing that if the priest had a similar initiative to pray during the night in his Church we would have given him the priority.

The priest called me at the telephone immediately saying that he was giving us the key of the church and explaining how to do in order to open it and close it. He was saying that it was not possible for him to pray with us but even that he approves that we pray in front of the tabernacle instead that in a private house.roman-catholic-quotes-3

We managed to be all present at the Vigil, three of us have serious health problems but we asked Jesus help to be there and all was well for them.

Other three participants went to pray with us during that night and we do not know exactly who informed them, surely someone, but we were surprised to see how easily they knew about this Vigil prayer and about the need they had to pray independently on prejudice against a Jesus to mankind prayer group.

Our-lady-of-FatimaWe were in front of a new statue of the Virgin Mary just arrived from Fatima from the Pilgrimage of that parish. She was to the side of the tabernacle.

We received a special strength to resist, we are not used to these kind of Vigil, not everyone, so this was special for us,

Thank You Jesus.

Please continue to send in your prayer vigil dates and testimonies.  Many are coming in from across the globe

Prayer Vigil request


A suffering soul in the Holy Name of Jesus emailed into the Father of  Love and Mercy blog, which was approved by Jesus through Maria Divine Mercy to be shared on the blog. There is a great need for prayer to protect this Mission of  Salvation from further attacks by Satan, to save souls from damnation and for the remnant army to unite and be strengthened by the Grace of God

Here are the 6 instructions sent from a suffering soul in the Holy Name of Jesus.

  1. Jesus want us to organize a worldwide vigil where we will pray all four Mysteries of the Holy Rosary one after another without interruption.            Vigil should start at midnight, regardless of the time zones.                                    No one should feel obliged to participate but as many of us get involved, greater will be outpouring of the Grace. Those who feel weak or sick also should come and pray as much as they can, even one decade will be received, but all should come with love for Jesus and Our Lady, not for any other reason. If someone cannot pray or feel so, or just gets tired during the prayer let he just sit with us and he will be strengthened also.
  2. Everyone who is able should fast with bread and water from midnight the day before the vigil till after the vigil(24 hours).
  3. Confession is highly recommended the day before or anytime before the prayer.
  4. All should, and this is important; forgive any trespasses against him from anyone, insults etc. Forgive and forget, no matter who offended us and why, and especially if we have something with anyone who is also Remnant soldier. This forgiveness must be both sided, unconditional and if it is possible personal contact must be made by persons who have any dispute or former strife or so. It could be mail, postcard, flower, gesture, greetings through another person or anything else but it should be from the heart and kindly.
  5. The date of the vigil is our choice but it should be organized as soon as possible and as many as possible should participate. Even one person alone is fine.
  6. Places are also our choice, we can pray anywhere but churches and other consecrated places are desirable.medal of salvation

What will count will be faith, love for Jesus and Our Heavenly Mother, Mother of Salvation, and pureness of heart.

Midnight is symbol of the Jesus Second Coming.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Let the  love and tenderness of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Rosary, be with us forever.

If you are not familiar with the rosary prayers, you are welcome to pray along with these videos.  All 4 mysteries of the rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy  

backofmedal_grey0000_3This Mission, the final one sanctioned by my Father in His Plan, to bring final salvation to His children, will draw millions of souls to serve Him. They will come from every corner of the Earth.

Many will not be conscious of their calling, until they pray the Crusade Prayers. It will be through the recital of the Crusade Prayers that the Holy Spirit will enrapture these souls and then they will be ready to carry my Son’s Cross.

If you truly serve my Son and come to His aid, so He can bring salvation to every sinner, then you will have to accept the weight of the Cross.

You must recite this Crusade Prayer (143) To protect the Mission of Salvation:

O Mother of Salvation, protect this Mission, a Gift from God, to bring Eternal Life to all of His children everywhere. Please intervene, on our behalf, through your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to give us the courage to carry out our duties to serve God at all times and especially when we suffer because of this. Help this Mission to convert billions of souls, in accordance with the Divine Will of God and to turn those hearts of stone into loving servants of your Son. Give all of us who serve Jesus in this Mission the strength to overcome the hatred and the persecution of the Cross and to welcome the suffering that comes with it, with a generosity of heart and with full acceptance of what may come ahead. Amen

Please let us know when you or your group are planning to have your vigil.  If you have any questions please let us know