Jesus to Mankind 24 hour Global Rosary Crusade

Invitation to Unite in Prayer

Peace be with you! You are all invited to participate in a Jesus to Mankind 24-Hour Global Rosary Crusade. 

In obedience to the instruction given by the Mother of Salvation in the Book of Truth, we will pray the 4 mysteries of the Holy Rosary. We will unify globally for 24 hours with 12 groups from different continents, praying the Rosary in different time zones, starting November 26 (4am Singapore time) until November 27 (4am Singapore time).

Order of Host Countries (local time)

26 November Australia/NZ (Syd) 7am-9am
25 November Central America 7pm – 9pm 
26 November Vietnam 9am-11am
26 November Philippines 10am-12pm
26 November Korea 11am-1pm  
26 November India 11:30am-1:30pm
26 November Africa (WAT) 9am-11am  
26 November Spain 11am -1pm  
26 November Croatia 1pm-3pm
26 November Dutch 3pm-5pm  
26 November France 5pm-7pm
26 November USA (Eastern) 1pm-3pm

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USA National Prayer Session

Please sign up for the next prayer session February 22, 2022 9PM Eastern Time

we will be praying for “Peace in the World” Registration link

My dear children, I urge you to pray for peace in the world, for very soon many countries will be involved in wars, which will be difficult to contain and many innocent lives will be destroyed.

The peace I ask you to implore of my Dear Son is to reduce the impact of hatred, sown in the hearts of the misguided, who inflict terror on others. Peace, when poured upon the earth, through the Power of God, will deliver an insight as to how you must treat one another with love and respect, irrespective of your differences.

I ask that you recite this Crusade Prayer, the Prayer of Peace each and every day for your nations.

Crusade Prayer (164) Prayer of Peace for Nations

O Jesus bring me peace.Bring peace to my nation and all those countries torn asunder because of war and division.

Sow the seeds of peace amongst those hardened hearts who cause suffering to others in the name of justice.

Give all of God’s children the Graces to receive Your Peace so that love and harmony can thrive;so that love for God will triumph over evil and that souls can be saved from the corruption of falsities, cruelty and evil ambition.

Let peace reign over all of those who devote their lives to the Truth of Your Holy Word and those who don’t know You at all.


Peace be yours dear children and remember that without love for God you can never find true peace.

Your Beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

Рождество и Второе Пришествие Иисуса Христа (Russia)

Рождество и Второе Пришествие Иисуса Христа

Приглашаем вас принять участие в онлайн-молитвенной трансляции «Иисус человечеству» (JTM) 19 декабря в 15:00 (по московскому времени), чтобы помолиться Розарием, Венчиком Божьему Милосердию и молитвами Крестового Похода с другими.

Мы сейчас находимся в рождественском периоде, Адвенте, и поэтому хотим уделить больше времени размышлениям о рождении Иисуса , молиться за наши семьи и друзей, чтобы более глубже войти в Тайну Воплощения. Мы также будем читать некоторые сообщения из Книги Истины о рождении Иисуса, Его Детстве и Его обещанном возвращении при Втором Пришествии.

Мероприятие будет проходить через Zoom. Чтобы зарегистрироваться, просто нажмите ссылку ниже. Используйте псевдоним при регистрации и получите электронное письмо перед мероприятием.Time

Dec 19, 2021 03:00 PM in Moscow

Oct 28 &29 Francophone Seminar

Dear friends,
You are cordially invited to attend our Francophone Seminar and our online Prayer Crusade on the theme:
For the Catholic Church to remain faithful to the Truth of Jesus Christ
“They will deprive all of His Body and Blood.” (Mother of Salvation, 9/23/2013)

Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 9 p.m. in France, 3 p.m. in Quebec
Link to register:

“Only the Church of God that remains faithful to My Teachings is infallible.” (Jesus, 19/9/2013)

Crusade of Prayers Friday, October 29, at 9 p.m. in France, 3 p.m. in Quebec
Link to register:

We decided to organise this seminar following the announcement in the parishes of a new Francophone Missal which, we were told, will include changes.

We wanted to go further with a special Crusade of Prayers so that the Catholic Church, mainly its clergy, remains faithful to the Truth of Christ. We will see what it really is, and how to react while protecting ourselves.

The seminar will commence by reading a Message from our Mother of Salvation dated October 19, 2012: The favors granted when you receive the Body of my Son. A prayer of blessing and short introductory prayers will follow; it will end with the recitation of the Rosary Joyful Mysteries and a Crusade of Prayers on the theme of the day.

Here is the program of the seminar itself:
† Our motivation: the publication of the new 2021 Francophone Missal and the questions it

† What does the Book of Truth say about a new Missal
† What does a Missal contain?
† The Gift of the Eucharist: the Eucharistic prayers, Epiclesis and Consecration;
† Eucharistic prayers in the new 2021 Francophone Missal: Epiclesis and Consecratdion
† The new 2021 Francophone Missal, a diversion?
† The Missal foretold in the Book of Truth:
† What will the desacralization of the Holy Eucharist consist of?
† What will be the form of the future Eucharistic Prayers?
† How will this new Liturgy be introduced?
† What will become of the other Sacraments?
† How to accompany Time
† Closing message from the Book of Truth: “I Am present in the Eucharist despite the
misinterpretation of My Promise” (Jesus, April 14, 2011)
† Video on Eucharistic Miracles

We also invite you to join us the next day, Friday October 29 at 9 p.m. in France, 3 p.m. in Quebec, for a Special Crusade of Prayer: For the Catholic Church to remain in the Truth of Jesus Christ. We will pray for our beloved
We hope that many of you will attend our Seminar. It is open to everyone, so you can share this invitation with those around you, and with your priests if you think they might be interested in this topic.
May God bless and enlighten us all.
Jésus à l’Humanité Francophonie
Jesus To Mankind Francophonie

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  1. Our official French website:
  2. JAH sites in countries around the world:
  3. JAH World site to find out the times of our Daily Crusades of Prayer in the world
    according to languages:
  4. To view the recordings of our seminars and conferences on the Jesus To Mankind
    (JAH) YouTube channel:
  5. Our mini-webcasts in French covering the Messages from the Book of Truth by topic:

Chers amis,
Vous êtes cordialement invités à participer à notre Séminaire francophone et à notre
Croisade de Prières en ligne sur le thème :

Pour que l’Église Catholique reste fidèle à la Vérité de Jésus-Christ

Ils priveront le monde de Son Corps et de Son Sang. »
(Mère du Salut, 23/9/2013)
Séminaire le Jeudi 28 octobre 2021 à 21h en
France, 15h au Québec Lien pour vous inscrire :

Seule l’Église de Dieu qui reste fidèle à Mes Enseignements estinfaillible. » (Jésus, 19/9/2013)
Croisade de Prières le vendredi 29 octobre, à 21h en
France, 15h au Québec Lien pour vous inscrire :

Nous avons décidé d’organiser ce séminaire suite à l’annonce dans les paroisses d’un
nouveau Missel Francophone qui, nous a-t-on dit, comportera des changements.
Nous avons voulu le faire suivre dans la foulée d’une Croisade spéciale de Prières pour que
l’Église Catholique reste fidèle à la Vérité du Christ. Nous prierons pour le Clergé,
spécialement pour nos prêtres bien-aimés.
Nous allons voir ce qu’il en est vraiment de ces changements, et comment réagir tout en
nous protégeant.
Le séminaire sera précédé de la lecture d’un Message de notre Mère du Salut du 19 octobre
2012 : Les faveurs accordées quand vous recevez le Corps de mon Fils. Suivront une
prière de bénédiction et de courtes prières d’introduction ; il se terminera par la récitation
du Chapelet des Mystères Joyeux et d’une Croisade de Prières sur le thème du jour.
Voici le programme du séminaire proprement dit :

† Notre motivation : la parution du nouveau Missel francophone 2021 et les interrogations
qu’il suscite.
† Que dit le Livre de la Vérité au sujet d’un futur Missel ?
† Que contient le Missel
† Le Don de l’Eucharistie : les prières Eucharistiques Épiclèse et Consécration ; la
† Les prières Eucharistiques dans le nouveau Missel Francophone 2021 : Épiclèse et
† Le nouveau Missel Francophone 2021, une diversion ?
† Le Missel prédit dans le Livre de la Vérité :
† En quoi consistera la désacralisation de la Sainte Eucharistie
† Quelle sera la forme des nouvelles Prières Eucharistiques ?
† Comment sera introduite cette nouvelle Liturgie ?
† Que deviendront les autres Sacrements ?
† Comment accompagner le Temps
† Message de clôture tiré du Livre de la Vérité : « Je Suis présent dans l’Eucharistie en
dépit de la mauvaise interprétation de Ma Promesse » (Jésus, 14 avril 2011)
† Vidéo sur les Miracles Eucharistiques
Nous vous invitons aussi à nous rejoindre le lendemain, vendredi 29 octobre à
21h en France, 15h au Québec, pour une Croisade Spéciale de prières pour que
l’Église Catholique reste dans la Vérité de Jésus-Christ. Nous prierons tout
spécialement pour nos prêtres bien-aimés.
Nous espérons que vous viendrez nombreux à notre séminaire. Il est ouvert à tous, alors
vous pouvez partager cette invitation autour de vous, et à vos prêtres si vous croyez que le
sujet peut les intéresser.
Que Dieu nous bénisse et nous éclaire tous.
Jésus à l’Humanité Francophonie

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November 2nd, JTM USA Book of Truth Seminar: Remain True to My Holy Word

Nov 2, 2021 09:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

I love you all. I will never desert you. I draw you to Me and urge you to recite My Crusade Prayers to receive the Blessings which are necessary for this journey ahead of you. The Holy Spirit rests upon you and you will be filled with every Gift possible to sustain your devotion to Me.
Call on Me always to help you, to give you courage, strength and the ability to treat your enemies with the love and compassion that is needed if you are to become a true disciple of Mine. By loving My enemies does not mean, however, that you accept heresy. I also ask that you refuse to engage in any kind of hatred in My Holy Name.
Proclaim My Word. There is no need to defend it.
Your beloved Jesus Christ

Australian National JTM Crusade of Prayer

Australian National JTM Crusade of Prayer for the Catholic Church to Remain in the Truth of Jesus Christ.
Oct 23, 2021 07:30 PM
Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Dear Australian Prayer Warriors, The Mother of Salvation in a Message dated On August 06, 2013 says the following: God’s prophets warned humanity of the dangers of embracing paganism, as it leads to complete destruction. When this happens, the nations who allow this abomination into their churches will be wiped out, with little Mercy shown. Do not accept tolerance for pagans to take over the churches of God. You must never forget the great Sacrifice made by God when He sent His only Son to bring you salvation. The day that you accept the practices of other churches, not of God, or when you show respect for pagans, is the day when you will turn your back on the Truth. Keep your eyes open and pray that your churches will not force you to forgo your allegiance to Jesus Christ. During this month Of October, ‘The First General Assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia’ was held, please join us as we come together in prayer as one Nation, for the Catholic Church to Remain in the Truth of Jesus Christ. It is recommended, as instructed by Jesus in the Book of Truth (Message given January 25th, 2013 and the Crusade Prayer Guidelines) during the Crusade Prayer meeting please have a blessed candle, Holy Water close by and a Crucifix of Jesus present.

The Rise of Paganism in the End Times

Two years ago, on October 2019, something very grave happened in the Vatican. Two years ago, the pagan goddess “Pachamama” was visibly and publicly venerated in the Vatican by the highest authorities of the Catholic Church.This event, witnessed all over the world and documented by mainstream media, kicked off a firestorm of discussions. Is the Catholic Church slowly drifting towards Paganism?Just a few weeks after that Pachamama event in the Vatican, the greatest crisis the world has seen in recent times was unleashed all over the world. The Covid-19 pandemic broke out all over the world.Two years have passed since that time, and we see how Paganism has spread all the over the world, in all sectors of society. Nature and the Earth are oftentimes referred to as “living things”.

We are being told by the highest governmental and Church authorities that “Mother Earth” is being harmed by man, and that acts against “Mother Earth” are “ecological sins” that we must all repent from. Aside from this worship of nature, many other pagan practices are now rampant all over the world.This rise of Paganism in the End Times, or the period prior to the Return of Jesus in His Second Coming, has already been prophesied. In fact, it is one of the signs which point out to us that Jesus’ Return in Glory is very near!

In this one hour webinar, we will discuss in detail the Rise of Paganism in the End Times. In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

What is Paganism?

What does the Catholic Church teach about Paganism?

Is the world drifting towards Paganism?

Is the Catholic Church slowly embracing pagan practices and beliefs?

Prophecies on the Rise of Paganism in the End Times How should we respond?

Sept 28 Book of Truth seminar

The theme for this seminar is “Now is the Time for Conversion”

Please join us for the next JTM USA Seminar, on September 28th at 9 PM Est. Find out what the Book of Truth is all about. Arrive early and enjoy the videos prior to the broadcast.
ALL are welcome, and registration is easy and fast

Crusade Prayer (115) For the Gift of Conversion

O Mother of Salvation, cover my soul with your tears of Salvation. 
Rid me of doubts. 
Lift my heart, so that I will feel the Presence of your Son. 
Bring me peace and solace. 
Pray that I will be truly converted. 
Help me to accept the Truth and open my heart to receive the Mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

JTM USA Book of Truth National Prayer Group “Time is Short for the Conversion of Sinners”

Keep your thoughts on Me. Focus only on prayer and especially those prayers which will help save hardened sinners from the fires of Hell.

Spend this period of time in quiet contemplation and simple prayer. This is all any of My children need to concentrate on. They must aim to bring their families and friends to Me in preparation for My arrival.

Pray, pray, pray My Divine Chaplet to secure salvation for those souls so infested by evil that their only salvation will be through your prayers.

Please join the JTM USA Book of Truth National Prayer Group “Time is Short for the Conversion of Sinners” July 13th, 2021 9PM Est.