Crusade of Prayer (7) Prayer for those who refuse Mercy

Prayer for those who refuse Mercy

My dearly beloved daughter My arrival to save mankind yet again before the final judgement is so close. My joy is tinged with deep suffering because of those souls who will reject My Mercy.

You, My daughter must fight along with My army of those beloved children of the cross to save these souls. This is the prayer they must say to beg for mercy for souls in darkness.

“Jesus, I urge You to forgive those sinners, so dark of soul, who will refuse the Light of Your Mercy.

Forgive them, Jesus, I plead with You, in order to redeem them from the sins, which they find it so difficult to extract themselves from.

Flood their hearts with Your Rays of Mercy and allow them the chance to return to Your fold.  Amen.”

Your beloved Jesus