JTM Australia Newsletter May 2021

Dear Australian Prayer Warriors

Greetings to all the Remnant family in Australia and may God’s blessing and protection be upon you and your families. In this month’s JTM Australian newsletter we would like update you on the National and Global prayer events happening in the Month of May.


This May, we will pray the Novena of Salvation as one united, Jesus to Mankind Mission worldwide. Our goal is for the four corners of the Earth to recite the Novena of Salvation for the entire month of May, region one began today; region two begins on Monday, May 10. Australia is in region two

The times by state are as follows:


WA: 6am

NT & SA: 7:30am

Here is the Link to Join http://bit.ly/NovenaofSalvationWeek2

The prayer session will take no more than 10 minutes daily to complete the Novena.

A newsletter from Jesus to Mankind Global has been sent out with all the information. You need so keep an eye out for it. You can also find the announcement and necessary information posted on JTM Global Network website.


Saturday May 15th at 7:30pm Sydney time. National Crusade of Prayer for Eternal Salvation and Eternal Life in the New Paradise. Here is the Link http://bit.ly/JTMAustraliaMay15


Monday 24th May 7:30pm South Australia Time. Our Lady Help of Christians is the Patroness of Australia and to honour this special day, we will hold a National Crusade of Prayer Meeting with Crusade Prayers to the Mother of Salvation. It will be held as part of the Monday night Australian crusade prayer meeting hosted by South Australia at 7:30pm South Australia Time. Here is the link https://zoom.us/j/94399024482


Mondays 7:30pm (South Australia time) – for all sessions except Tuesday evening https://zoom.us/j/94399024482

Tuesdays 10am (Queensland time)

Wednesdays 7:45 (NSW Time)

Thursdays 11am (Victoria time)

Fridays 7pm (Western Australia time)

Tuesdays 7:30pm (Northern Territory time) – Tuesday evening https://zoom.us/j/99345381674

JTM Global Website Link for daily Crusade of Prayer Meetings around the world


Jesus to Mankind Global Crusade of Prayer Session Theme: Eternal Life – Through the LOVE and MERCY of JESUS CHRIST

You are all invited to attend the Jesus to Mankind Global Crusade of Prayer Session on May 8, 2021 Saturday at 9:00pm Singapore Time.

Our theme is ETERNAL LIFE: through the LOVE and MERCY of JESUS CHRIST.

In our last Global Crusade of Prayer session, we came to a deeper appreciation of how precious is the gift of Eternal life willed by God for all His children. God loves us all so much that He sacrificed His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, who died a horrible death to give us this gift through the Resurrection.

During this weekend’s Global Crusade of Prayer session, we will have a deeper understanding of the love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ as He prepares humanity for His Second Coming.

This Global Prayer Meeting will be in English. However, Live Translators during this event will lead the prayers in various languages, namely: Polish, French, Chinese – Mandarin, Korean, German, Romanian, Ukrainian and Albanian.
We will pray the Holy Rosary, the Crusade of Prayers, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy – spiritual weapons for us to use in this Mission of Salvation. We will also pray for Heaven’s intercession to rid the world of this Covid19 Pandemic and stop the evil plans to control the world.
Let us unite our hearts as one Jesus to Mankind Global Family for the salvation of lost souls and to thank God for His gift of Eternal Life.

Jesus, we trust in You. Have mercy on us all!

please register at this link to join this Global Prayer Initiative http://bit.ly/JTMGlobalMay8

Daily Zoom Crusade Prayers Meetings around the world

The Countries are listed in alphabetical order
Please share so everyone has the benefit of joining these prayer groups as part of the Global Prayer Initiative
God Bless

Father of Love and Mercy

Wherever you are in the world, there is a Daily Zoom Crusade Prayer Meeting that you can join! See below the complete list of Daily Zoom Crusade Prayer Meetings that you can join. To join a Zoom Crusade Prayer Meeting, just click on the Zoom link.

Host Country Language Meeting Time Click on Zoom Link to Join
Albania Albanian 7.40 Tirane time (Daily) https://zoom.us/j/98051791910
Africa English 7pm Nigeria UTC (Daily) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85946662130?pwd=VjZrU1RSbWJSTlVJWUticWNyVnUzZz09
Argentina , Paraguay, Bolivia Spanish Monday,Wednesday & Thursday 3 pm Buenos Aires Time https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
Argentina , Paraguay, Bolivia Spanish 9 pm (Daily)
Thursday at 10 pm
Buenos Aires Time
Australia English 730pm NSW time
(First Saturday National Monthly Rosary Vigil)
Australia English 730 pm Northern Territory time
(Tuesday evening)
Tuesday Evening Only
Australia English 10am Queensland time (Tuesday)
11am Victoria time (Thursday)
Australia English 7pm Western Australia time (Friday)
730pm South Australia time (Monday)

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Kemurtadan Besar di Zaman Akhir Webinar Registration

Kemurtadan Besar di Zaman Akhir (Indonesia)

Perubahan-perubahan besar yang telah terjadi di dalam Gereja Katolik. Perubahan-perubahan ini adalah penggenapan dari nubuat-nubuat yang diberikan dengan sangat terperinci di dalam Kitab Kebenaran.

Nasihat-nasihat praktis tentang bagaimana kita dapat mempersiapkan diri dalam menghadapi berbagai perubahan yang akan datang di dalam Gereja, dan bagaimana kita dapat tetap berada di dalam Kebenaran Tuhan kita Yesus Kristus.

May 23, 2021 07:00 PM in Jakarta

Day 1:


Daily Zoom Crusade Prayers Meetings around the world

Wherever you are in the world, there is a Daily Zoom Crusade Prayer Meeting that you can join! See below the complete list of Daily Zoom Crusade Prayer Meetings that you can join. To join a Zoom Crusade Prayer Meeting, just click on the Zoom link.

Host CountryLanguageMeeting TimeClick on Zoom Link to Join
AlbaniaAlbanian7.40 Tirane time (Daily)https://zoom.us/j/98051791910
AfricaEnglish7pm Nigeria UTC (Daily)https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85946662130?pwd=VjZrU1RSbWJSTlVJWUticWNyVnUzZz09
Argentina , Paraguay, BoliviaSpanishMonday, Wednesday & Thursday 3 pm Buenos Aires Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
Argentina , Paraguay, BoliviaSpanish9 pm (Daily)
Thursday at 10 pm
Buenos Aires Time
AustraliaEnglish 730pm NSW time
(First Saturday National Monthly Rosary Vigil)
AustraliaEnglish730 pm Northern Territory time
(Tuesday evening)
Tuesday Evening Only
AustraliaEnglish10am Queensland time (Tuesday)
11am Victoria time (Thursday)
AustraliaEnglish7pm Western Australia time (Friday)
730pm South Australia time  (Monday)
745pm NSW time (Wednesday)
(for all weekdays except Tuesday evening)
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutchFriday 3 pm Brussels Timehttps://zoom.us/j/99345381674
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutchMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday
3:30 pm
Brussels Time
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutchSunday 8 pm
Brussels Time
Netherlands , Dutch-speaking countriesDutchEvery day – 6 am, Amsterdam Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/83107801276
CanadaEnglish9:00pm EST UTC-4 (Daily)https://zoom.us/j/96280557488
CanadaFrench5:00am EST UTC-4 (Sunday – Friday)https://zoom.us/j/96280557488
CanadaFrench5:30am EST UTC-4 (Saturday)https://zoom.us/j/96280557488
CanadaFrench8:00pm ATL UTC-3 Daily (Monday to Sunday) New Brunswick Maritimes time 
Tous les jours, à 01h00 du matin à Paris,
19h au Québec et 
20h au (Nouveau Brunswick in French)
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish2 pm Monday and Saturday
Costa Rica Time
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish3pm Tuesday
Puerto Rico Time
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanish8:45 pm Wednesday & Friday (Prayer Vigil)
Costa Rica Time
ChileSpanish3 pm Friday
Santiago Time
ChileSpanish8:00 pm Friday & Sunday  
Santiago Time
Colombia, Perú, EcuadorSpanish3 pm Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 
Bogotá Time
Colombia, Perú, EcuadorSpanish12 midnight Friday (Prayer Vigil)  Bogotá Timehttps://zoom.us/j/94436974066?pwd=OFZiM3NncWxEWEhNS2w5bitWVVplUT09
CroatiaCroatian3 pm Daily Divine Mercy Chaplet Zagreb timehttps://zoom.us/j/96074349637
CroatiaCroatian9pm Zagreb time  (every Monday)https://bit.ly/Kri%C5%BEarskimolitvenisusret
CroatiaCroatian9pm Zagreb time (daily except Monday and Thursday)https://zoom.us/j/96074349637
Czechia and SlovakiaCzech and Slovak8pm Prague and Bratislava time (Daily)https://zoom.us/j/96280557488
DenmarkDanish7 pm Tuesday Copenhagen Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
France and other francophone countriesFrench9 pm Daily
Paris Time
France and other francophone countriesFrench4 pm Thursday & Sunday
Paris Time
German Speaking CountriesGerman6 pm Monday, Tuesday, Friday Berlin Timehttps://zoom.us/j/93978808686
German Speaking CountriesGerman8 pm Tuesday
Berlin Time
German Speaking CountriesGerman9 pm Thursday Berlin Timehttps://zoom.us/j/93978808686
German Speaking CountriesGerman 9 pm Saturday Berlin Time   (winter time)
10 pm Saturday Berlin Time
(summer time)
International Vigil
Multilingual9 pm (every Thursday)
Central Europe Time
HungaryHungarian7:30 pm (Daily) Budapest Time https://zoom.us/j/93978808686
HungaryHungarian12 midnight Saturday Prayer Vigil Budapest time https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85946662130?pwd=VjZrU1RSbWJSTlVJWUticWNyVnUzZz09
IndonesiaBahasa Indonesia 7:00 pm Sunday GMT+7https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85946662130
ItaliaItalian9 pm Daily
Rome Time
ItaliaItalian2:40 pm Daily
Rome Time
KoreaKorean3:00pm GMT+9 (Daily)
8:00pm GMT+9 (Daily)
Latin America & Europe Spanish speaking membersSpanish, Portuguese, English3 pm Thursday  Mexico City Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
Latin America & Europe Spanish speaking members (Crusade Prayers)Spanish, Portuguese11:30 pm Monday & Wednesday
Mexico City Time
MexicoSpanish9:30 pm Tuesday & Thursday
Mexico City Time
MexicoSpanish12 midnight
Tuesday & Thursday
Mexico City Time
New ZealandEnglish730pm NZ DST GMT+13 
PhilippinesEnglishChaplet of Divine Mercy , 3pm PH Time (Daily)https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87260281694
PhilippinesEnglish730pm PH Time GMT +8 (Daily)https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87260281694
PhilippinesTagalog330pm PH Time (Daily)https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87260281694
PhilippinesVisayan12pm PH Time GMT+8 (Daily)https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87260281694
PolandPolish7 am Daily Morning Rosary Warsaw timehttps://zoom.us/j/95327393434
PolandPolishDaily Divine Mercy Chaplet 3pm Warsaw timehttps://zoom.us/j/95327393434
PolandPolish8pm Warsaw time Daily Crusade of Prayer Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/95327393434
PolandPolish10 pm Daily Evening Rosary
Warsaw Time
PortugalPortuguese3 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday Lisbon Timehttps://zoom.us/j/99345381674
PortugalPortuguese3 pm Thursday Lisbon Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
Portugal (only crusade prayers)Portuguese9:45 pm Friday Lisbon Timehttps://zoom.us/j/93978808686
RomaniaRomanian9pm Bucharest time (Daily)https://zoom.us/j/87260281694
SingaporeEnglish8pm GMT+8 (Tuesday)https://zoom.us/j/96263110596
SpainSpanish10 pm Monday to Friday Madrid Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/85946662130?pwd=VjZrU1RSbWJSTlVJWUticWNyVnUzZz09
SpainSpanishTuesday & Friday (prayer vigil)
12 midnight
Madrid Time
SpainSpanishSunday 3 pm
Madrid Time
Spanish speaking countriesSpanish3 pm Thursday Mexico City Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
Spanish speaking countries (only Crusade Prayers)SpanishMonday & Wednesday
11:30 pm.
Mexico City Time
Ukraine    Ukrainian    8.30pm Kyiv time (daily)https://zoom.us/j/96692536925
USAEnglish11:00 pm EST UTC Wed and Sundays Onlyhttps://zoom.us/j/96280557488
USAEnglish9:30am EST UTC-4 (Daily)
4:00pm EST UTC-4 (Daily)
VietnamVietnamese1. 8h30 – 10h30 GMT +7, daily.
2. 14h30 – 15h45 GMT+7, daily.
3. 20h00 – 21h45 GMT+7, daily.

Novena of Salvation Month

Dear Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Warriors,

This month of May, we will pray the Novena of Salvation as one united, Jesus to Mankind Mission worldwide. Our goal is for the four corners of the Earth to recite the Novena of Salvation for the entire month of May, beginning Monday, May 3. This Novena of Salvation Month is our one month preparation for the upcoming Feast of Our Mother of Salvation on June 4.

To achieve this goal of having the four corners of the Earth reciting the Novena of Salvation, we will divide the world into four regions, or 4 areas with groups of countries assigned per area. We will be dividing all the countries who are currently active in Zoom Prayer Sessions into four regions, corresponding to each of the 4 corners of the Earth.

Each region will pray for one week the Novena of Salvation as follows. The first group of countries will pray the Novena for 7 days in the first week of the month, the second group will pray the Novena for 7 days in the second week, the third group in the third week, and the fourth group in the fourth week. We are requested to pray the Novena of Salvation every morning each day 3x during the 7 days. On one of the 7 days, we are requested by Our Mother of Salvation to fast. By fasting, we are requested to eat only one main meal during the day and then bread and water only at the other two meal times.

Each of us can do this Novena on our own, of course. However, we are highly encouraged to join the rest of the Jesus to Mankind Family in doing this all together, via Zoom. Our coordinators will be organizing a Daily Zoom Prayer Meeting for each of the 7 days, for each of the four regions. The prayer session will take no more than 10 minutes. 

Below is the schedule for Week 1, as well as the countries involved.

If you belong to week 1, please join by registering now!

Register to 9am Schedule: http://bit.ly/NovenaofSalvation1Wk9am

Register to 1130am Schedule: http://bit.ly/NovenaofSalvation1Wk1130am

The schedules for week 2-4 will be announced separately.

Mother of Salvation, Pray for us!

Jesus to Mankind Global

Slovak and Chinese Global Seminars

Link to join the Chinese Seminar https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ODXyVf6iQgC_0gcRkzlYWA

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST to join an Online Crusade Prayer Session and conference for your country.

Click image to register

Drahí priatelia v našom Pánovi Ježišovi Kristovi,

Ste srdečne pozvaní na veľmi dôležitú udalosť: „Online Konferenciu – Veľké odpadlíctvo na Konci časov.“

Katolícka cirkev je uprostred veľkej krízy. Veľa komentátorov v katolíckych médiách už v skutočnosti hovoria, že Cirkev je už možno uprostred de facto rozkolu. Na jednej strane stoja vysoko postavení liberálni preláti, ktorí presadzujú zásadné zmeny v Cirkvi: zväzky rovnakého pohlavia, spolužitie, antikoncepcia, tolerancia potratov a mnoho ďalších. Na druhej strane máme verných kardinálov a biskupov, ktorí bojujú za zachovanie skutočného tradičného učenia Katolíckej cirkvi.

Žijeme uprostred Veľkého odpadlíctva na Konci časov,ktoré bolo už dávno predpovedané. Žijeme v období obrovskej straty Pravej viery, tesne pred Druhým Príchodom nášho Pána.

Na tejto 3-dňovej online konferencii sa budeme podrobne venovať tomuto prorokovanému Veľkému odpadlíctvu na Konci časov. Pôjde o 3-dňovú online konferenciu, ktorá sa bude konať v nasledujúcich dňoch:

1.deň: 2.mája, 18:00 – 19:30 hod SEČ
2.deň: 8.mája, 18:00 – 19:30 hod SEČ
3.deň: 9.mája, 18:00 – 19:30 hod SEČ

1.deň sa bude týkať proroctiev rôznych svätcov, mariánskych zjavení, ako aj súčasných proroctiev o Veľkom odpadlíctve. Obzvlášť sa hlbšie pozrieme na proroctvá o Veľkom odpadlíctve založené na posolstvách Svätej Trojice z Knihy Pravdy.

2.deň bude podrobne pokrývať hlavné zmeny, ktoré sa už v Katolíckej cirkvi udiali (a stále dejú). Tieto zmeny v Cirkvi, ktoré sa dejú pred našimi očami, sú naplnením proroctva poskytnutého v neuveriteľných detailoch o tomto Veľkom odpadlíctve na Konci časov.

3.deň nám dá praktické rady, ako sa môžeme pripraviť na ďalšie zmeny v Cirkvi a ako môžeme zostať v Pravde nášho Pána Ježiša Krista.

Môžete sa zaregistrovať tu (zaregistrujte sa na každý deň):

1.deň : http://bit.ly/GreatApostasySlovakiaandCzechiaDay1
2.deň: http://bit.ly/GreatApostasySlovakiaandCzechiaDay2
3.deň: http://bit.ly/GreatApostasySlovakiaandCzechiaDay3

Neváhajte a spropagujte toto podujatie so všetkými, ktorých poznáte, zdieľaním vyššie uvedených registračných odkazov.

Global 3 Day Conference

Conférence en ligne de 3 jours sur LA GRANDE APOSTASIE À LA FIN DES TEMPS (reprise en français de la conférence mondiale du mois d’avril)LUNDI 3 / MARDI 4 / MERCREDI 5 MAIà 21h30 à Paris / 15h30 au QuébecInvitation ici / Liens pour vous inscrire dès à présent :

Le premier jour sera consacré aux prophéties de divers saints, aux apparitions mariales, ainsi
qu’aux prophéties contemporaines sur la Grande Apostasie basées sur les Messages de la Sainte
Trinité dans le Livre de la Vérité.
Le deuxième jour, les changements majeurs qui se sont déjà produits (et continuent de se
produire) dans l’Église catholique. Ces changements dans l’Église qui se déroulent sous nos yeux
sont l’accomplissement de diverses prophéties données avec des détails incroyables dans le Livre
de la Vérité.
Le troisième jour nous donnera des conseils pratiques sur la façon dont nous pouvons nous
préparer à d’autres changements à venir dans l’Église, et comment faire pour rester fidèles à la
Vérité de notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ.
Liens pour vous inscrire dès à présent :

Jour 1 : https://bit.ly/GreatApostasyFranceDay1

Jour 2 : https://bit.ly/GreatApostasyFranceDay2

Jour 3 : https://bit.ly/GreatApostasyFranceDay3

Mehr Infos: http://m.internetgebetskreis.com/fr/

Après vous être enregistré, vous allez recevoir par email une notification de « JTM Global »
confirmant votre inscription. Veuillez conserver cette confirmation d’inscription car elle contient
les instructions pour vous joindre à l’événement le moment venu.
N’hésitez pas à faire connaître cette conférence à tous vos contacts en partageant avec eux les
liens d’enregistrement ci-dessus. N’hésitez pas à inviter vos prêtres, notre conférence est ouverte
à tout public.

Katolička Crkva je usred velike krize. Zapravo, mnogi komentatori u katoličkim medijima već kažu da je Crkva možda već usred de facto raskola.S jedne strane su visokorangirani liberalni prelati koji se zalažu za velike promjene u Crkvi: istospolne zajednice, zajedničko življenje bez sakramenta braka, kontracepcija, tolerancija prema pobačaju i mnoge druge.S druge strane su vjerni kardinali i biskupi koji se bore da sačuvaju Istinsko tradicionalno učenje Katoličke Crkve.Živimo usred Velikog Otpadništva Kraja Vremena. Živimo u razdoblju masovnog gubitka Istinske vjere, neposredno prije Drugog Dolaska našega Gospodina.

Na ovoj trodnevnoj online konferenciji opširno ćemo pokriti ovo prorečeno Veliko Otpadništvo u Posljednjim Vremenima.Ovo će biti trodnevna online konferencija koja će se održati sljedećih datuma:

Prvi dan: 8. svibnja, 21:00 – 23:00 Prvi dan će pokrivat proročanstva raznih Svetaca, marijanska ukazanja, kao i suvremena proročanstva o Velikom Otpadništvu. Osobito ćemo dublje pogledati proročanstva o Velikom Otpadništvu temeljena na Porukama Presvetog Trojstva u Knjizi Istine.

Drugi dan: 9. svibnja, 21:00 – 23:00 Drugi dan će opširno pokriti glavne promjene koje su se već dogodile ili se još uvijek događaju u Katoličkoj Crkvi. Ove promjene u Crkvi koje se događaju pred našim očima ispunjenje su različitih proročanstava danih u Knjizi Istine s nevjerojatnim detaljima.

Treći dan: 10. svibnja, 21:00 – 23:00 Treći dan dat će nam praktične savjete o tome kako se možemo pripremiti za nove promjene u Crkvi i kako možemo ostati u Istini našega Gospodina Isusa Krista.Možete se registrirati ovdje, molimo vas da se registrirate za svaki dan posebno:

Nakon što se registrirate, primit ćete obavijest e-poštom od “Jesus to Mankind Global” kojom se potvrđuje vaša registracija. Ovu potvrdu registracije čuvajte za referencu. Možete se pridružiti događaju slijedeći upute u e-pošti.

Slobodno promovirajte ovaj događaj svima koje poznajete dijeljenjem gornjih linkova za registraciju.


Католицька Церква переживає велику кризу. Насправді багато коментаторів в Католицьких ЗМІ вже говорять, що Церква, можливо, вже знаходиться посеред фактичного розколу. З одного боку, є високопоставлені ліберальні прелати, які наполягають на серйозних змінах в Церкві: одностатеві союзи, співжиття, контрацепція, терпимість до абортів і багато іншого. З іншого боку, є вірні кардинали і єпископи, які борються за збереження Правдивого Традиційного Вчення Католицької Церкви.Ми живемо посеред Великого Відступництва в кінці часів, передбачених так давно. Ми живемо в період масової втрати Правдивої Віри, безпосередньо перед Другим Пришестям нашого Господа.На цій 3-денній онлайн-конференції ми детально розглянемо це пророковане Велике Відступництво в Кінці Часів на підставі пророцтв різних святих, Марійських об’явлень, Біблії, катехизму та сучасних пророцтв. Зокрема, ми глибше розглянемо пророцтва про Велике Відступництво на основі Послань Святої Трійці в Книзі Істини. Ми також детально висвітлимо основні зміни, які вже відбулись (і продовжують відбуватися) в Католицькій Церкві. Ці зміни в Церкві, які відбуваються на наших очах, є сповненням різних пророцтв, поданих неймовірно детально в Книзі Істини.Це буде 3-денна онлайн-конференція, яка відбудеться в наступні дати:

1 день: неділя,

2 травня, 20:30 – 22:00 Київський частема: Пророцтва про Велике відступництво в кінці часів2 день: понеділок,

3 травня, 20:30 – 22:00 Київський частема: Останні оновлення та події в Католицькій Церкві3 день: вівторок,

4 травня, 20:30 – 22:00 Київський частема: Залишаючись вірними Істинному Вченню Церквиhttp://isusdoludstwa.net/ukrayinska-trydenna-onlajn…/

Посилання для приєднання (реєстрація не потрібна):


Приєднатися до зустрічі можна за допомогою смартфона або комп’ютера.

Будь ласка, не соромтеся повідомити про цю подію всім, кого ви знаєте, поділившись посиланнями на реєстрацію вище.

De Katholieke Kerk zit midden in een grote crisis. Veel commentatoren uit de Katholieke media zeggen eigenlijk al dat de Kerk zich misschien wel in het midden van een feitelijk schisma bevindt. Aan de ene kant heb je hooggeplaatste liberale prelaten die aandringen op grote veranderingen in de Kerk: huwelijken tussen mensen van hetzelfde geslacht, samenwonen, anticonceptie, verdraagzaamheid ten opzichte van abortus, en veel meer. Aan de andere kant heb je de trouwe kardinalen en bisschoppen die strijden voor het behoud van de ware traditionele Leer van de Katholieke Kerk.We leven te midden van de al lang geleden voorzegde grote geloofsafval in de eindtijd. We leven in de periode van een massaal verlies van het ware geloof, vlak voor de Tweede Komst van onze Heer.In deze 3-daagse online conferentie zullen we deze voorzegde grote geloofsafval in de eindtijd uitvoerig behandelen. Deze 3-daagse online conferentie zal gehouden worden op de volgende datums:

Dag 1: maandag 3 mei 2021 om 19.00 u

Dag 2: dinsdag 4 mei 2021 om 19.00 u

Dag 3: woensdag 10 mei 2021 om 19.00 u


Nadat u zich heeft ingeschreven, zult u een bevestigingsmail ontvangen van “Jesus to Mankind Global”. Gelieve deze registratiebevestiging te bewaren als referentie. U kunt dan aan het evenement deelnemen door de instructies te volgen in die email.

Voel u vrij dit evenement te promoten bij iedereen die u kent door de bovenstaande registratielinks te delen via e-mail, sociale media, ….

April 27 USA Prayer Session

Click the link to register for the upcoming prayer session

9pm East coast time http://bit.ly/JTMUSApril27

We will be praying the Holy Rosary and select Crusade of Prayers

O Mother of Salvation, come to my aid, as I struggle to find the time for prayer.

Help me to give, to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the time He deserves to show Him how much I love Him.

I ask that you, my Blessed Mother of Salvation, seek for me the Graces I need and ask your dear Son for every grace and favour, so that He can envelop me into the Bosom of His Sacred Heart. Amen.”

View full message here https://fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/virgin-mary-it-is-by-the-power-of-prayer-that-my-sons-mercy-can-be-spread-throughout-the-world/