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This site is to assist all existing Crusade members and new comers to understanding the Mission of Salvation and its purpose and to assist in the formation of their Crusade Prayer Groups. 


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For the new comers, whilst there are over 1300 messages to read and discern which could be overwhelming and takes a lot of time to digest, we invite you  as a matter of urgency to go over the Crusade Prayers and Litanies dictated from Heaven, spend time in prayer and have an open heart and mind to hear God’s call – where the only goal is for the salvation of souls.   We hope that you would help in your own little way to do just that – save souls.   A soul may depend on you.  In Jesus’ words, “I bring you the Gift of My Crusade Prayers so that by reciting them you will help Me to save as many souls as I can.”  (September 1, 2014)

You will find the tools, the armour to defeat evil in this blog.  All that is required is commitment on your part, and allow God to do the rest.


From November 2010 a European visionary known as Maria Divine Mercy had been receiving messages from the Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Mother. She is not only a visionary but the last messenger, an instrument of the Holy God, the Most High that through her the Truth in relation to the end times is being revealed, the sole purpose of which is to prepare our souls prior to Jesus’ Second Coming which will be witnessed by this generation.

In that regard, 1330 Messages and 170 Crusade Prayers and 6 Litanies have been dictated over the course of 4 years contained in the Book of Truth in five volumes for the salvation of souls, to defeat evil and mitigate chastisement.  To date no other visionary or prophet in record history has been given an abundance of messages and prayers other than Maria Divine Mercy. Continue reading

USA National Crusade of Prayer

You are invited to attend an important Jesus to Mankind event

USA National Crusade of Prayer on November 29, 9pm Eastern Time.

The theme for this event is “Uniting God’s Holy Remnant Army and the Formation of Crusade Prayer Groups.”

If you have participated in previous official Zoom online events, you should have been automatically pre-registered to these events already. Please locate the registration email from “Jesus to Mankind Global” for more info on how to join. https://us.jtmglobal.network/

If you did not receive the registration email, you may register through these links

USA National Crusade of Prayer – https://bit.ly/JTMUSANov29

Jesus to Mankind USA

Global Crusade of Prayer Meeting

You are invited to attend the next Global Crusade of Prayer Meeting on November 21, 9pm, Hong Kong Time.  Our theme for this Global Crusade of Prayer Meeting will be “Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Returning King.” You have already been automatically pre-registered to this event, so please expect an email from “Jesus to Mankind Global” informing you of details on how to join this via Zoom.

This global crusade prayer session is a very important one, since it is our one and only Global Crusade of Prayer Meeting this November – the 10th Year Anniversary Month of the Jesus to Mankind Mission.

This global prayer meeting will be in English, however, there will be Live Translators during this event who will lead the prayers in various languages, namely: Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Chinese, Croatian, Polish, Slovakian, and Hungarian.

This Global Crusade of Prayer Meeting is a preparation for the upcoming Solemnity of Christ the King.  Let us all join together as one united, Global Remnant Army in this global prayer meeting as we together pray the Holy Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, as well as the Crusade Prayers.  We will also be reading selected Messages from the Book of Truth around the theme “Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Returning King.”

As we eagerly anticipate the coming of Christmas 2020, let us also prepare ourselves spiritually as one, Remnant Army for the Second Christmas- the imminent Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who will be returning soon as King of the Universe.

Please invite your friends and fellow Jesus to Mankind Prayer Warriors to join this global prayer session by sharing this registration link: https://bit.ly/GlobalCrusadeofPrayerMeetingNov21

JTM Global Daily Prayer Links

Daily Zoom Sessions

https://jtmglobal.network/2020/11/05/daily-zoom-crusade-prayer-meetings-around-the-world/ |  https://jtmglobal.network/2020/11/05/daily-zoom-crusade-prayer-meetings-around-the-world/ ]

Daily Prayer Campaign Core Prayers in English

https://jtmglobal.network/2020/11/04/daily-prayer-campaign/ |  https://jtmglobal.network/2020/11/04/daily-prayer-campaign/ ]

Daily Core Prayer Videos in Other Languages

Spanish – [ https://spain.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/spanish-daily-core-prayer-video/ |  https://spain.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/spanish-daily-core-prayer-video/ ]

Frenchhttps://france.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/french-daily-core-prayer-video/ |  https://france.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/french-daily-core-prayer-video/ ]

Portuguese– [ https://portugal.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/portugueese-daily-core-prayer-video/ |  https://portugal.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/portugueese-daily-core-prayer-video/ ]

Hungarian– [ https://hungary.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/hungarian-daily-core-prayer-video/ |  https://hungary.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/hungarian-daily-core-prayer-video/ ]

Albanian– [ https://albania.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/albanian-daily-core-prayer-video/ |  https://albania.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/albanian-daily-core-prayer-video/ ]

German– [ https://germany.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/german-daily-core-prayer-video/ |  https://germany.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/08/german-daily-core-prayer-video/ ]

Dutch – [ https://netherlands.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/10/belgie-nederland-dagelijkse-kerngebeden/ | https://netherlands.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/10/belgie-nederland-dagelijkse-kerngebeden/ ]

Slovak-https://slovakia.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/10/zakladne-denne-modlitby/ | https://slovakia.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/10/zakladne-denne-modlitby/ ]

Ukranian – [ https://ukraine.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/zakladne-denne-modlitby/ | https://ukraine.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/zakladne-denne-modlitby/ ]

Indonesian – [ https://indonesia.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/doa-inti-harian/ | https://indonesia.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/doa-inti-harian/ ]

Romanian – [ https://romania.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/rugaciuni-zilnice-de-baza/ | https://romania.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/rugaciuni-zilnice-de-baza/ ]

Poland – [ https://poland.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/modlitwy-podstawowe-po-polsku/ | https://poland.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/modlitwy-podstawowe-po-polsku/ ]

Vietnam – [ https://vietnam.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/chien-dich-cau-nguyen-trong-tam/ | https://vietnam.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/chien-dich-cau-nguyen-trong-tam/ ]

Korea –https://korea.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/%EB%A7%A4%EC%9D%BC%EC%9D%98-%ED%95%B5%EC%8B%AC-%EA%B8%B0%EB%8F%84/ | https://korea.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/11/매일의-핵심-기도/ ]

Croatia –https://croatia.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/12/osnovne-dnevne-molitve/ | https://croatia.jtmglobal.network/2020/11/12/osnovne-dnevne-molitve/ ]

Daily Prayer Campaign


In commemoration of the 10th Year Anniversary of the Jesus to Mankind Mission, we have been asked to pray to mitigate the effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic and all that will follow it. We are also asked to pray for the salvation of souls.

For a period of five weeks, beginning November 10, we are requested to pray for these two specific intentions every 3pm, local time. The prayers we will pray at the minimum are: the 3 O’Clock Prayer, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, as well as the Daily Core Prayers.

Every 3pm, let us all together visit this page, the JTM Global Network and pray with the rest of the Remnant Army all over the world by playing the prayer video below of the Daily Core Prayers:

The Daily Core Prayers consist of the following:

After reciting the Daily Core Prayers, if you can, do pray the Holy Rosary, as well as the other Crusade Prayers. Everyone is also encouraged to join the daily Zoom Crusade of Prayer Meetings happening all over the world.

The Daily Campaign of prayer is available in many languages Portuguese-Spanish-Albanian-German-Slovak-French-Dutch-Ukranian Polish-Indonesian-Vietnamese-Romanian-Croatian-Korean-Slovenian-Hungarian-Italian-Chinese

Book of Truth 10 Year Anniversary conference

On November 8 and 9, 2020, we celebrate the tenth year anniversary of the Jesus to Mankind Mission – the worldwide Mission whose objective is to spread the words of the Holy Trinity in the Book of Truth and to help prepare the world for the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This day marks the 10th year since the first Message was given by Our Lady on November 8, 2010.

To celebrate this important milestone, everyone is invited to attend the “Book of Truth 10th Year Anniversary Special Online Conference”. This 2-day online conference will be held on November 8, 9-10pm Hong Kong Time, and November 9, 9-10pm Hong Kong Time.

Time is running out. There is no time to waste, as events foretold in the Book of Truth are unravelling right before the world’s disbelieving eyes. Come and join this 2-day special online conference, so that you can help prepare yourselves and your family for the events to come – and for the imminent, glorious Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Register Now!

Day 1 registration: http://bit.ly/BOTDay1Nov8

Day 2 registration: http://bit.ly/BOTDay2Nov9

Era for the multitude of false prophets sent by Satan

Reminder message from Oct 8, 2011

I only speak through a select number of authentic visionaries and seers in the world today. There are less than twenty and fewer than you think. Each of them, have been given a different role, but My Voice and My instructions will have a ring of familiarity, which you will detect. There will be a purpose to their messages, all of which are designed to encourage action on your part to prepare your souls.

My dearly beloved daughter, as My genuine visionaries go forth into the world, so also will the false visionaries. You will know them by carefully scrutinizing their messages for the world. For somewhere within, you will find that My Teachings and the Truth contained in the Most Holy Bible have been tampered with. So subtle are these untruths, that only those with true knowledge of the Holy Scriptures will be able to spot them.

Watch out for any hatred, which such visionaries create amongst their followers, when they fight, divide and split up families. The cults that emerge from such visionaries’ work will now surge forth into the world to cause confusion and anxiety amongst believers.

Wherever My Holy Word is contained you will find Love. My Messages breed love and harmony and will not fail to affect your soul. My Messages will always speak the Truth and while stark and frightening at times, they are being given to you, My children, out of Love.

False visionaries will impart messages that are not easy to read or understand. On the face of it, they will exude a sense of authority and create a feeling of love. They will not, however, bring you peace of soul. Such visionaries, many of whom, are not of God, seduce first, then control, until finally they suck you into a bed of lies and deceit.

Satan and his army will influence such false visionaries and seers. He can even attack genuine visionaries when he encourages them to wander away from Me in confusion.

I urge you, children, to be on your guard at all times.

Denounce messages, which contradict My Teachings in any way, for you can then be sure that they are false.

I only speak through a select number of authentic visionaries and seers in the world today. There are less than twenty and fewer than you think. Each of them, have been given a different role, but My Voice and My instructions will have a ring of familiarity, which you will detect. There will be a purpose to their messages, all of which are designed to encourage action on your part to prepare your souls.

Any actions encouraged by those who call themselves visionaries and seers, which seem strange, or which encourage their followers to take actions, which do not involve the love of your neighbour, then turn your backs.

Heed now, for this is the era of the false prophet, who will make himself known in the world shortly. So also is it the era for the multitude of false prophets sent by the deceiver into the world to cause confusion and a darkness of soul.

Your beloved Jesus