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This is the official YouTube Channel of the Jesus to Mankind Movement. Our mission is to spread the Messages of the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Book of Truth to the world. In the Book of Truth, the Holy Trinity prepares the whole of mankind for the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which will happen in our generation. You may find the complete messages in There are videos in other languages

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Do not be deceived

It has come to the attention of the admins of this site that there are rumors of new messages from Maria Divine Mercy circulating on social media.

sacred heartMaria has not received new public messages.

“I ask all those following these Messages to pray for the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

It is not enough to pray just the once and say that you have received the discernment you asked for and to then cast aspersions on these Divine Messages. If you do this then you have not been given the Gift.

Please call on me, your Blessed Mother, to help prepare you through this Crusade Prayer.

O Mother of God, help me to prepare my soul for the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Take me, as a child, by the hand, and lead me on the road towards the Gift of Discernment, through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Open my heart and teach me to surrender in body, mind and soul.

Rid me of the sin of pride and pray that I will be forgiven for all past sins, so that my soul is purified and that I am made whole, so that I can receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

I thank You, Mother of Salvation, for Your intercession, and I await with love in my heart for this Gift for which I yearn with joy. Amen.

Remember children come to me, your Mother, to help you to open your soul to receive this wonderful Gift.

When you receive this Gift I will take you before my Son.

For only then will you be truly ready for the next step on the stairway to spiritual perfection.

Mother of Salvation.”

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By the time Good Friday arrives many souls will begin to realize that My Warning to humanity is upon the world.

A reminder of this message. My dearly beloved daughter, by the time Good Friday arrives many souls will begin to realize that My Warning to humanity is upon the world.

No sooner will the abomination be witnessed than the Truth of these Messages will be truly understood. 

Gather your people together, unite in prayer, for a dark cloud will cover the earth. The punishments will be meted upon humanity as it plunges into an abyss of indifference and apathy, to the Word of God.

Those who have turned their backs on the Gifts given to humanity, by My death on the Cross, will be awakened and will see how grotesque their souls appear before My Eyes.

Soon they will see that they have been given only a short time in which to repent. For My patience is great, but My sadness is profound. So bitter are their hearts, that they do not only shun Me, their beloved Jesus, but they deny themselves the Gifts, which I make freely available to them.

How they have been deceived into believing in their own false illusions that the world is theirs to live, any which way they choose, without a care to slow them down, in their pursuit of satisfaction. This world will no longer be theirs for the taking, because it is only a temporary state. Soon they will find themselves in a new state and, for many of them, it will not be in My New Paradise.

My intervention is close to hand and My Plan to salvage the world will soon be made fully known.  Pride is your greatest enemy and is Satan’s biggest fault. When someone denounces another; reprimands another and points a finger of accusation against another, in My Name, they have fallen victim to the sin of Satan.

It will be the sin of pride, which will be the downfall of humanity, and which will plunge many souls into the fires of Hell.

Do not fall victim to this curse of the evil one and remain silent if you do not agree with another who shouts aloud against Me, with lies pouring from their mouths, even if you know they do not speak the Truth. You must lower your eyes and simply proclaim My Word.

Defend Me only by declaring to the world what you know of My Plan to save souls.  And even when those souls, who believe that their knowledge of Me gives them the right to admonish others and demand answers from you, you must never defend Me through arguments.B7A41091-EC2E-4BBE-82B6-7F91EE43B175

Many events in the world will shock most of humanity, shortly. Even the most disinterested people, who live their lives in a vacuum of worldly ambition, with little time for spiritual matters, will begin to realize that there is much change. They will know that these changes are beyond their comprehension and this will result in their being more open to the Word of God.

Your Jesus


Please pray for this Holy Mission of Salvation

Posting this at the request of Maria Divine Mercy. Please pray for this Holy Mission of Salvation for its protection and propagation.

medal of salvation                           Crusade Prayer (132)                                      Renounce Satan, to Protect this Mission (31/1/14)

“In order to safeguard this Mission against the wickedness of Satan, I ask that you begin to recite this powerful Prayer to renounce Satan.
When you recite this Crusade Prayer, at least twice a week, you will help to protect this Mission of Salvation and bring more souls into the
Realm of God’s Kingdom.” (Mother of Salvation)

O Mother of Salvation, come to the aid of this Mission. Help us, God’s 
Remnant Army, to renounce Satan. We beg you to crush the head of the 
Beast with your heel and remove all obstacles in our Mission to save 
souls. Amen.

Seal of the Living God Crucifix

I promise you that the persecution will be swift and that you will be protected.

For I now bequeath the Seal of My Love and Protection.

With this you will escape the notice of those who will cause hardship in your countries.

My Seal is My Promise of Salvation. My Power will surge through you with this Seal and no harm will come to you.

This is a miracle, children, and only those who bow before Me, their Lord and Creator of all things, as little children with love in their hearts for Me, can be blessed with this Divine Gift. Seal of the Living God Message

Crucifix was designed under the direction of Our Lord.

The promises accorded to The Seal of the Living God Crucifix:

This Crucifix has been assigned by God to provide great blessings,
including strength, courage, perseverance and resilience for Crusade of
Prayer Groups around the world.


You can order this crucifix at 



Mission of Salvation

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Please pray for the protection of the last mission of salvation given to mankind

Mother of Salvation Pray for us 

Vancouver Book of Truth Seminar

SeminarPlease register for the Book of Truth Seminar space is limited


Marpole Oakridge Community Centre
990 West 59 th Avenue
Vancouver BC V6P 1X9

To register or for more information:

“If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.” (Heb. 3:7-8)


Prepare, Pray, and Trust in God’s Mercy!

A Jesus to Mankind Book of Truth Seminar will be presented regarding insights, experiences and understanding of the messages from Heaven given to mankind for these End Times.
Our Lord’s Chosen End Time Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy’s authorized speaker will be giving any updates and answering questions.

Are you confused and concerned as to what is happening to our Holy Mother Church?

The answers are in THE BOOK OF TRUTH.

The Book of Truth is mentioned in Daniel 10:21. This is where a mysterious Book of Truth is referred to. Gabriel explains to Daniel that everything that has been revealed to him about the future and the end times is to be found in the Book of Truth. Daniel is told to seal it up as it is to be left to another time called “The Time Of The End”

The Book of Truth, in 5 Volumes so far, has been given to the world at this time in history through Maria Divine Mercy from the Holy Trinity and Mary, Mother of Salvation. It is about the Mission of Salvation for all souls in preparation for what is known as The Warning/The Illumination of Conscience/The Great Mercy/The Great Confession and then followed by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Book of Truth is meant for this present generation.

 >The direction of the Church and the World
 >What is in store for the difficult times ahead?
 >Establishing Centers of Prayer and forming Prayer Groups
 >Intercession and Reparation: Yes, we can make a difference!
 >Help Jesus save souls!

Please pray for the protection of the last mission of salvation given to mankind is the official appointed global distributor and retailer for the Book of Truth in all languages, the Crusade of Prayer Books, the Seal of the Living God scapular and Cross, Mother of Salvation medals and rosary beads.