Crusade of Prayer (22) Catholic Priests to uphold the teachings of the church

vierge-marie-mere-pretresI need you to prepare My flock in order to welcome Me during My long awaited Second Coming on earth.

You will need to persevere and not allow your love for Me to be dissuaded no matter how much pressure you are put under.

You are my true disciples and I must urge you to take up your weapons to save My Church. This very church founded on the Rock by My beloved disciple Peter will never fail.

The enemy may believe it to be destroyed but that would be a foolish assumption.

No one will, or can, destroy My Church. Out of the ashes it will rise to proclaim My Glory as I come back to salvage My Kingdom on earth.

You must never desert Me, your beloved Saviour, ever.

For without Me there is no light. Without light there is no future.

My daughter I give the world this Crusade of Prayer (22) for the Catholic Clergy to recite

“O my beloved Jesus, keep me strong and the flame of my love for You alight, every moment of my day.

Never allow this flame of love for You to flicker or die.

Never allow me to weaken in the presence of temptation.

Give me the graces needed to honour my vocation, my devotion, my loyalty and, to uphold the Teachings of the Orthodox Catholic Church.

I offer You my allegiance, at all times. I pledge my commitment to fight in Your army, so that the Catholic Church can rise again in glory to welcome You, dear Jesus, when You come again. Amen.”

Your beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ
King of all Mankind