Crusade Prayer (66) For clergy: Help me to remain true to Your Most Holy Word

vierge-marie-mere-pretres“O dear Jesus, help me to remain true to Your Most Holy Word, at all times.

Give me the strength to uphold the Truth of Your Church in the face of adversity.

Fill me with the grace to administer the Holy Sacraments in the way in which You taught us. Help me to feed Your Church with the Bread of Life and remain loyal to You, even when I am prohibited from doing so.

Free me from the chain of deceit I may face, in order to proclaim the True Word of God.

Cover all Your sacred servants with Your Precious Blood, at this time, so that we will remain courageous, loyal and steadfast, in our allegiance to You, our beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Do not be disheartened My beloved sacred servants for the discord has been prophesised and must come about in the final battle for souls.

I love you and I will be with you now as you walk with Me the thorny road to Calvary so that Salvation can be achieved once more for all souls.

Your Beloved Jesus