Crusade Prayer (84) to enlighten the souls of the elites who rule the world

“O dear Jesus, I beg You to enlighten the souls of the elites who rule the world. 

Show them the proof of Your Mercy.

Help them to become open of heart and to show true humility, in honour of Your great Sacrifice, by Your Death on the Cross, when You died for their sins.

Help them to discern Who their True Maker is, Who their Creator is, and fill them with the Graces to see the Truth.

Please prevent their plans to hurt millions of people through vaccinations, shortage of foods, forced adoptions of innocent children, and the splitting up of families from taking place.

Heal them.

Cover them with Your Light and take them into the Bosom of Your Heart to save them from the snares of the evil one. Amen.

Crusade of Prayers – Number Eighty Four from Lauran 08 on Vimeo.