Crusade Prayer (104) Free this soul from slavery

In order to save them, you, My beloved followers, must give Me your allegiance by committing their souls to Me during your prayers and when you receive the Holy Eucharist. You must offer them to Me every day and for every soul you dedicate to My Mercy, I will save a hundred more.

Do this every single day. At the end of every month you will be full of joy because you will know how many such souls have been given this Great Mercy. This is just another Gift I bless you with and the graces you will receive when you recite this Crusade Prayer will be in abundance.

“Dearest Jesus, I present to You the soul of my brother and sister, who has abandoned their soul to Satan. 

Take this soul and redeem it in Your Holy Eyes.

 Free this soul from slavery to the beast and bring it eternal salvation. Amen.”

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Crusade of Prayers – Number 104 from Lauran 08 on Vimeo.