Crusade Prayer (127) To save my soul and those of my loved ones

To all of humanity, I ask you to prepare first your soul. You must fix every part of your soul, before you are ready to stand complete in My Presence during The Warning. If you don’t, you will have to endure a painful purification and your Purgatory will be endured on Earth, before the Day My Second Coming dawns. I urge you to say this Crusade Prayer for each of your own souls and that of your loved ones.

O Jesus, prepare me, so I can come before You without shame.

Help me and my loved ones (name them here….) to get ready to confess all our wrong doings.

To admit our short-comings.

To ask for the forgiveness of all sins.

To show love to those we have wronged.

To beg for Mercy for salvation.

To humble ourselves before You, so that on the Day of the Great Illumination, my conscience and those of (name them here…..) will be clear and that You will flood my soul with Your Divine Mercy. Amen.

Now is the time to remind yourselves of everything that I taught you. Now is the time to examine The Ten Commandments and ask yourselves if you have truly lived your lives accordingly.

Be honest with yourselves because if you are not, you will – either way – be shown how you have grieved Me in your lifetime. But, let Me give you comfort.

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